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Residential School Comparison

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Ben Smeagol

on 17 December 2015

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Transcript of Residential School Comparison

Residential School Comparison
By Ben, Sheamus and Quinn

What was the purpose of these schools? What did they want the indigenous people to learn.
The purpose of the schools was to educate the Sami people about Christianity, and also lose their native language (Sami) and learn Finnish.
These Scandinavian boarding schools continued on from the 19th century until the 1960s, they started closing after the Sami people became involved in politics. Firsthand accounts from students came out, detailing being forcibly taken from their homes.

By Quinn

Differences and Similarities to Canadian Residential Schools
Both residential schools also wanted to strip the people native to the land of their culture and language
Who were the residential schools designed for? Who set-up the schools, and who was to attend?
Comparing Residential Schools in Scandinavia and Schools in Canada
The residential schools in Scandinavia were designed by the Finnish for the Sami people located in Samiland. The Sami people were an indigenous group of people from Samiland, which is located in Northern Europe.
When were the schools around, and when did they close?
Canadian RS
Scandinavian RS
RS in the northern European region also affected nearby places to Scandinavia like Norway
RS in Canada ran for the same amount of time, but begun and ended later than Scandinavian RS lasting from 1830s to the 1990s
The goal of both RS were to kill the indian/aboriginal in the child
The religion in Scandinavia was Sami.

Both taught Christianity
By Ben
By Sheamus
By Sheamus
Manual labour was not forced in Scandinavian RS
Scandinavian RS did not allow you to speak your native language, even at home.
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