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How to Hack a Chromebook

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Nice Try, Mate

on 17 March 2016

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Transcript of How to Hack a Chromebook

How to Hack a Chromebook
Have a functioning Chromebook (this is for the school-owned ones).
Be at your home with WiFi and a easy-access password.
Sign in to your school-owned Chromebook and then remove the battery. Turn on the Chromebook again WHILE HOLDING DOWN CONTROL AND THE REFRESH BUTTON (uncertain, will test again soon).
Now, you should see a screen you normally won't when you turn on a Chromebook. There should be instructions to enter Developer Mode (DM). Follow them (I believe you need to press Ctrl+Alt+D, but I'm not sure) and continue following the instructions. You should enter DM and exit it again.
Turn off your Chromebook and then turn it back on. Again, you should see a different screen than the previous AND the original start-up screen querying your WiFi password. This is why you need to be at home. There may be other queries, just answer those too.
Sign back into your SCHOOL PROFILE and make sure you have the setting "lock computer when closed" or something similar. Then, take it to your computer technology guy and have him sign into the school WiFi. ONLY AFTER can you sign in to your personal profile.
In the personal profile, you can go on all the unblocked websites as long as you are on your personal WiFi. The school WiFi will have the blocked sites programmed into it. You can download themes and have whatever settings you like on
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