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bullying is a huge problem everywhere and this prezi will tell you just a little bit of what happens

Katelynn Pankhurst

on 6 May 2012

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Transcript of Bullying

(cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr some of the time kids bully
because they feel insecure
about themselves or bullying
other people makes them feel
good. why do kids bully? Bullying is a mountain
lets start climbing
it together!:) Anti-Bullying:) cyber bullying:( cyberbullying can become
very serious but if you get help
you could end it.Dont add people
on online sites if you dont know them
only add your friends. some bullying can lead to
suicide but hopefully it
doesnt go that far if it does
you should find help before
making any decisions that
could end your life!! Help stop bullying and dont
just stand by and watch it happen!! Assertiveness Verbal Physical Cyberbullying Bullying! There are about 4,400
deaths a year because of
bullying. Girls between the ages of
10 and 14 have a higher chance
of committing suicide. By:Katelynn Pankhurst &
Alexis Gutierrez If you need help there is
always someone there for
you and dont give up and
take it to the extreme when
you dont have to.:) before saying anything to
anyone thing about their
feelings and how it will
affect them! there are many forms of bullying
but they are all horrible and unfair.
People like phoebe Prince commit
suicide everyday because they take
the bullying and harrassment any longer.
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