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Taking Notes To the Core!

No description

julia russell

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of Taking Notes To the Core!

4 Corners
Go to the Back Right
if you require that students take notes in class and you grade the notes consistently.
Go to the Back Left
if you tell students to take notes in class, but have a hard time holding students accountable for them.
Go to the front right
if you would like students to take notes, but feel it is their choice to do so or not.
Go to the front Left
if you feel that your class is not suited to taking notes.
Here are some examples of notes taken during Dr. Cash's "Advancing Differentiation" presentation.
Go ahead and take out your notes from a past presentation
Step 1

Essential Question

see, I know I
took some, but...
I was absent,
so that means
I don't have to
do anything, right?
Yes! My notes
are awesome!
The Cornell Note System can
give us some structure to an
otherwise chaotic scene.
Step 2
Take Notes

Step 3
Look at the notes again (Note-Making)
force the mind to make meaning

Write questions on left
Step 4

Taking Cornell Notes to
the CORE!

For 1 minute
On your own, write some ways you
might be able to use this in your class.
For 3 minutes
With your card partner, share your ideas.
For 6 minutes
Find your other matching set of card partners, and discuss what challenges you might encounter, or questions that you still have.
How can we get students motivated to use this system?
How can I grade / give feedback on the Cornell notes of my students?
Using your own
notes (or the sample notes)
Let's try the steps

Not all Cornell notes
are created equal
2. Introduce your self to each other.
1. Find your discussion partner by
using your playing card to locate the
person with the matching color and
3. Share
past note taking experiences.
a. Where were you successful?
b. Where did you get frustrated?
“Maximizing the Common Core involves a change in creativity, critical thinking, and a fundamental shift in relationships. It is where the role of the teacher becomes more essential than ever, as students develop their capacity to question, discover, connect, collaborate and contribute on a global scale, and where they are empowered by an increase in direction and management of their own learning.”
~ Alan November
Taken from ; http://novemberlearning.com/educational-resources-for-educators/understanding-common-core-state-standards/
*With your discussion partner, talk about ways that your classroom already does this. Discuss things that might need to change in order to enhance students skills in these areas.
We can break it down into
the 4 main categories!
Note - Interacting
Note - Taking
Note - Reflecting
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