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My Daily Routine

No description

Dajana Varga

on 8 November 2017

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Transcript of My Daily Routine

morning 1
I get up, I wash my teeth, dress up, make my hair and finally make my makeup and then go to school.

my evening 1
evening 2
after learning I'll go swimming and pick up my pajamas and let me sleep if I'm not tired and I do not know a bit about TV.
morning 2
My afternoon
I usually do at 14: 05-15: 00 at school, so we do not have to sleep with friends to relax, walk, eat. I'm getting home 17:00 and learning about the next few days. Unfortunately, this is for the evening, at 20:00 I finish learning.
My Daily Routine
I'm in school at 5 days of the week, usually 7-8 amms. The whole mornin 'is going, the school's end is going down to my afternoons.
I spend the weekends at home because I spend my week with my family. In this case, we are used to cooking, cleaning, and walking to buy, and sometimes to go shopping.
I usually spend 5 hours on 7 and 8 o'clock, I always look at the daily material and study the day of the spring.
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