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iPhone 5s

No description

Madison McCabe

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of iPhone 5s

Apple's Annual September Release
Group 1
Madison McCabe, Jimmy Walker, Ha Linh Trinh, Shaun Murphy, Ezequiel Ortiz
Apple Inc.
Founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak
Established in Cupertino, CA on April 1, 1976, incorporated Jan. 3, 1977
Jobs Passed in October of 2011
Tim Cook, long time No. 2 executive and company's Chief Operating Officer was appointed Job's successor.
Apple's Products
Simple Product Line
Handful of Products
iPhone 5s
3 Colors
Touch ID- Fingerprint identity sensor
iSight Camera
M7 motion processor
"The most forward thinking smartphone in the world"
First 64-bit smartphone
Apple Inc.
Apple designs, manufactures, markets and sells personal computers, mobile communication devices, and portable digital music and video players. It also sells a variety of related software services, peripherals, and networking solutions
SWOT Analysis
Customer loyalty combined with expanding closed ecosystem and brand reputation
Apple is the leading innovator in mobile device technology with strong financial performance
Retail stores with good service and strong marketing and advertising teams
Continuous innovation and improvements
High prices- the iPhone costs more than competitors' smartphones
Decreasing market share
Changes in management
High demand of new technology devices as well as growth of cell phone markets
Strong growth of mobile advertising market
New security technology- Touch ID- fingerprint identity sensor
Rapid technological change
Price pressure from Samsung for key components
Android OS Growth
OEM Shipments for First Quarter 2010 to Second Quarter 2013
2013 Market Share
2nd Quarter
iPhone Business Model
Apple's marketing power and their iPhone business model were set forth to continue to reach out to their target market but also to expand to new ones
Annual September Product Event, where they introduce the new products and essentially get their customers to want and buy the newest model, no matter how small the changes
Simple and smart way to keep generating revenues in the billions
Include just enough upgrades in each new product
iPhone Business Model
iPhone 5c
"The most colorful iPhone yet!"
8 MP iSight Camera
Ultra fast LTE wireless
A6 Chip
Financial Data
Industry Overview
Macro Trend Analysis
Behind Closed Doors.....
With every new iPhone version on the market, Apple purposely slows down the existing model, so that target market will upgrade to the newer version
Discontinue the pool of apps to chose from
Smart way to generate sales and profits but will the consumer eventually catch on?
The Demographic environment
The Aging Population over time
The Economic Environment
Whether incomes are rising or falling, affects sales
The Sociocultural Environment
US people tend to want the newest "fads" on the market
The Technology Environment
Innovation, Competition, Brand Loyalty
Markets at the Micro Level
Apple is not selling as many iPods, reporting unit sales down 32%
Most iPods sold were iPod Touch- 80%
iPods sold were mostly to teenage kids, but now this market
is making the switch to smartphones
Age vs iPhone
44% of US teens (ages 12-17) own smartphones
For apple, 40-50 million teens that could switch from the iPod to iPhone
Factors that influence:
-Family data plans
-Aging of smartphone users
iPhone 5c
$100 less than iPhone 5s
Target Market: Teens
Helps fill the gap in emerging markets of cheaper smartphones
Not as high tech as 5s, but still an upgrade from 5
Product Launch
Prediction: 5c outsells 5s
-10-18 demographic
-International Sales
Only 5c available to pre-order
-Uncertainty confirmed for 5s
Release Projection
-5-6 million launch weekend
-8-9 million first month
Darker Side to 5s
Lack of real innovation
Fingerprint scanner
-Not stored in database
-More info entrusted in provider
-ios 7, camera, screen size
Thank you
5 colors
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