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ORS Summer Program

No description

Dustin Phillips

on 17 January 2018

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Transcript of ORS Summer Program

3 Great Memories from
Last Summer

Who is ORS?
Summer Program Goals
Breakdown Summer Program
Summer Program Details
Q & A
Tonight's Agenda
Upward Bound Summer Program
Community based 501c(3) Non-Profit Organization
Program Staff
General Program Facts
First Week
Field Trips
Bridge Program
Work Study Program
Summer Program Breakdown
Academic classes will begin on Tuesday to further simulate dorm life.

First Week
Field Trips
Upward Bound summer classes are designed to be similar to college courses but are still taught at an approachable level.
Create memorable experiences that will lead to lifelong learning

Summer Program Goals
Bridge Program
End of Year Trip
Bus Schedule
Q & A
Summer Program Details
Bus Schedule
Point System
The UB Summer Program is Free!

Students will be supervised at all times!

Students will learn a lot!

Students will have a blast!
Program Facts
in partnership with
End of Year Trip
We secure long-term investments for local communities.
Text "@48442" to 81010

Work-Study Program
James Jesse
Program Director UBMS
Dustin Phillips
Program Director UB
Lauren Shook
Program Coordinator
Provide students with a real college-going experience
Challenge students to learn new things and explore new ideas
• Available for Juniors and Seniors
• 3-week internship positions at Hill College
• Explore careers requiring college education
• Learn real-world job skills and professionalism
• Earn an additional stipend of $300

Daniel De La Pena,
Student Development Coordinator

UB - Search ORSUB
Examples of classes: ENGL 305: Film as Literature, MAT102: Intro to Engineering, etc.
Students are required to register for an English, math, science, foreign language, and electives.
Registration will
begin in May
Available for Graduating Seniors
Transitions course addressing skills necessary for college success
Available in Summer Handbook
Points accrued through year and summer
5 pts for each day attended
Pikes Peak
Bus routes based on the students who sign up.
Students will congregate together at one stop to help save time.
Each stop will have a 5-10 min pick-up window.
Students & parents will be given a map outlining the bus routes, stops, and stop time frames.

Points determines End of Year Trip eligibility
Monday, June 13 - Friday, June 17
Daily afternoon and evening activities
Overnight Dorm Experience
Dress Code
Code of Conduct
Fun Places
College Tours
• Invitation and tickets will be mailed in July

• Friday, July 22nd
• Cleburne Conference Center
Packets Due
in 2 weeks
April 28th

Wednesday, July 27 - Friday, July 29
Change in Eligibility:
Must attend at least 20 days
No "F" in any summer classes
Official List will be announced at the Awards Banquet
Work Letters Available
Students need to bring a

8th Grade Students & Parents Please Move
to Back of Library
Field Trip Reminder
Vet School Preview
& Campus Tour

VHS: 7:40AM - 7:30PM
AHS: 8:00 AM - 6:45PM

Why the Summer Matters
Elizabeth's Unbreakable Bridge
Trying New Things
Catching Shrimp in the Ocean
New Friends
Career Exposure
College Exposure
Dorm Week Preview
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