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Media Literacy

No description

Pamela Keegan

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of Media Literacy

MEDIA LITERACY Creating Employing Digital Portfolios Wiki Ning Videos websites Prezi slide shows camera videos
Wiki Facebook Youtube Forums Video Games Wikipedia Television Books Magazines addictive can be socially isolating problem solving strategic advertisements idealized beauty Commercials informative reliable? outdated? reliable? PSK Portfolio Boards Answering questions on internet Forums Students in classroom/Grade use Teacher/Families Blogs Blogs Blogs Nings Boards What do we teach? Creating -> Construction Employing -> Deconstruction The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. --Alvin Toffler
Instant Messaging texting Media Modes of Communication Reading Writing Phonics Instruction online courses Media Literacy Instruction Creating Employing High School Lesson Example Preschool Lesson Example Lesson One Lesson Two Lesson Three Lesson Four Employing = Deconstruction Elementary Lessons 21st Century's Five Fluenices - Ian Jukes
1. Solution Fluency
2. Information Fluency
3. Media Fluency
4. Creativity Fluency
5. Collaboration Fluency

Solution Fluency:
1. Define Problem
2. Design Solution
3. Put plan into action
4. Debrief/Evaluate Problem-solving Information Fluency (deconstruction):
1. Ask good questions to get good answers
2. Access/acquire raw material from digital source
3. Analyze/authenticate good and bad
4. Apply knowledge using VIP (vision into practice) action
5. Assess both product and process Creativity Fluency (construction):
The process by which artistic proficiency adds meaning through design, art and storytelling. Media Fluency (construction):
1. Measure the effectiveness of message and identify most effective media tool to use.
2. Create and publish digital products that reflects their understandings of the content, develops technical skills and provides empowering principles of graphic design.
Creating = Construction Media Fluency (deconstruction):
1. Decoding messages in digital media to better understand how data can be shaped and biased or misrepresented.
2. Measure the effectiveness of message and identify most effective media tool to use. Collaboration Fluency (Construction)
1. Communicate virtually with students not physically in the room
2. Jointly create products online
3. Learn appropriate online behavior as virtual citizens How can a digital immigrant effectively speak the language of the digital native? How do we teach it? Youtube Texting Texting Marc Prensky's concept Media Literacy Creating -> Construction Employing -> Deconstruction
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