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The Medici Family

No description

Aaron Grivna

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of The Medici Family

The Medici Family
The Medici family were the wealthiest and most powerful ruling family in the Renaissance period.
The Medici family helped religion, technology, art, architecture, and social life develop throughout the Renaissance period with their money.
Social Life
The Medici, like others, had a social life. Their daily life consisted of eating, taking care of their powerful bank, and, for women, to take care of their domestic duties.
Food and carbohydrates were essential for the Medici family.
The Medici needed food in order to stay strong, healthy, and powerful.
Instead of bread, the Medici ate pasta on special occacions. Pasta was a lot more expensive than bread.
They used olive oil to cook.
Their main drink was wine.
Medici Food
Medici Bank
Giovanni de' Medici established the Medici bank.
They made a partnership with the Church, which made the bank more powerful.
The Medci Bank lent money to people and if one could not pay back then they faced excommunication, which was a ticket to hell.
The Medci Bank became known as the most profitable business in Europe.
Medici Women
One of the most important
woman in the Medici was
Catherine d' Medici.
Another important woman
in the Medici was Contessina de' Bardi.
The Medici women did not have as much power as the Medici men. They had to be in charge of their household and of their family. Basically, they were treated like any other women.
The Medici Contribute..
Giovanni de' Medici
Pope Leo X
Died of Malaria on December 1, 1521
Became Pope in 1513 and declared Pope Clement VII archbishop
He was crowned Pope when he was 37 years-old
Cool Fact: Giovanni had a pet elephant named Hanno
Religion Cont..
Giulio de Medici
Pope Clement VII
He was adopted by his uncle, Lorenzo de Medici
Leo X declared him archbishop in 1513
In 1523 he was elected Pope
Gentile Becchi was his educater
His life span : 1478-1534
Architecture, during the Renaissance, began in Florence, Italy.
New architects and ideas were flourishing in this time.
This wonderful era would not have come about without the Medici family.
The Medici were very wealthy bankers and financially supported talented architects.
Architects used bricks, which were not associated with Greek and Roman architecture.
Leonardo da Vinci
Talented Artists

Lorenzo de Medici
Art played a major part in Florence renaissance and Lorenzo de Medici was one of the main supporters. Lorenzo supported two men which were Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. With his support they became very famous artists.
Technology and the
Technology of the Renaissance was practically the same for both the people of the middle-ages and the Medici family.
The Medici owned horses, which was the fastest means of transportation of the middle-ages. The Medici family invested in canals and aqueducts, which were some of
the innovative inventions before dams.

The Medici owned the finest technology of the Renaissance Period
Lorenzo de' Medici especially accumulated himself with science and technology. He attented the University of Florence and majored in the field of medicine.
Lorenzo de' Medici
Renaissance Science and Technology
Medici Bank
Lorenzo de Medici was a huge supporter of art.
Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo were taken under his wing.
Lorenzo de Medici passed away in 1492.
After Lorenzo's death, both artists began to study anatomy.
Lorenzo de Medici Supports
Leonardo da Vinci is known for the painting of the Mona Lisa.
Michelangelo is known for painting the Sistine Chapel.
Florence, Italy
Filippo Brunelleschi
Leon Battista Alberti
Leon Alberti was born in 1404 A.D.
He tried to preserve ancient Roman architecture.
He built amazing arcs and pillars.
These would help the structure support more weight and preserve the ancient Roman style.
The dome wighed 37,000 tons and more than 4,000,000 bricks were used.
In order to biuld the dome, Filippo had to create ring-like structures to keep the bricks in place and from falling.
Filippo designed the crane machine in order to assist him in building the dome.
Medici Family
Filippo Brunelleschi was the first architect who constructed the dome in Florence.
The Medici were basically financial supporters to many talented artists, architects, sculptors, etc.
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