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Grubbin.it Presentation!

David Nicholl

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of Grubbin.it

Zach Hari Mike Jacob Aaron Dave There are about 500 restaurants in the KC area About 250 of these restaurants offer takeout options ONLY ABOUT CURRENTLY
OFFER DELIVERY! 30 PAJAMA FRIENDLY! NOT introducing.... what does for customers drivers restaurants Convenience ...of your favorite restaurant delivered to you! Easy ...to use intuitive UI Flexibility ...work at your leisure with no committment New Business ...from meeting a need you couldn't address before Reduced Costs ..because you don't need your own delivery infrastructure DEMO! COMPETITORS??? Differentiators/Advantages how we plan to beat our competitors CROWDSOURCED
delivery model!!! resulting from BEST USER EXPERIENCE we can scale workforce to meet need
we will not need to support unused delivery infrastructure
we achieve lower delivery prices by passing this savings on to customers! We keep the process as simple and straight-forward as possible for the customer
We have a pleasing and easy-to-use UI
We provide order status to the user We don't take a cut out from the restaurant!
Restaurant can sign up with us, set up menu without our involvement.
We can work with restaurants who do not have their own delivery infrastructure Total Opportunity We believe we can convince at least Business Model/Monetization Strategy: 4 plan Business Stages, Timelines, Plans STAGE 1: STAGE II: STAGE III: Ramp-Up, Profitability Rollout, Gaining Critical Mass Development/Startup building application
creating biz plan
seeking startup funding
win startup weekend grassroots restaurants recruitment
collect data, test feasibility
refine plan and logistics
maintain razor-thin margins, in favor of gaining critical mass of restaurants critical mass has been reached
ramp up customer base
hit break-even point
begin expansion to other cities
we are all dating models

Next Steps, Ideas Has a very limited number of restaurants Supports a full-time staff Not available in many cities
(not available in KC),
cuts into restaurants' profits Will have tons of restaurant choices will not have the overhead of a delivery staff, pass savings on will not cut into restaurant's profits, eventually available in several cities presenting... by Grubbin.it is a web-based 'grub' selection and crowd-sourced delivery service. Selection ...of restaurants, even ones without delivery Simplicity ...handles all the complexity of logistics, you just deliver! who are our vs. LOWER PRICES from MORE RESTAURANTS AGRESSIVE RECRUITING from INTUITIVE UI
In KC, this amounts to of takeout businesses
not currently offerring delivery 10% to START offering delivery via transactions per year!.... 1.05 million At per delivery, we expect to quickly get to over of annual revenue, just in KC! $1 $1 Million Expand to NEW MARKETS more cities, general delivery, not just restaurants Exclusive PROMOTIONS only available on Grubbin.it Strategic PARTNERSHIPS with companies like Yelp.com, etc. Step 1. 2. a small (customer) SERVICE FEE per transaction sell PREFERRED LISTINGS + Ads !!DEMO!! vs. vs. THANK YOU assuming our average customer uses our service twice/month we need 40K Users... ...which is less than 2% of KC population ! 3. ??? 4. PROFIT!! No Added Charge ..the use of our service will not cut into profits Special Incentives ...rewards for good performance history
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