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Mobile Meteor Truck Tracker & Map Widget

How Mobile Meteor can help food trucks stay in touch with their customers and grow a fan base.

Denis Hurley

on 3 November 2011

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Transcript of Mobile Meteor Truck Tracker & Map Widget

This is a food truck Go to http://mobilemeteor.com to learn more They want to make sure their customers can find them when they are out on the road They have a regular
schedule, of course... But you never know when someone might be filming on their scheduled block The common answer:
Update your location on Twitter!
Everyone uses Twitter! Don't get me wrong: Twitter is great. But not everyone uses Twitter. And some of your fans use Twitter JUST to find out where you're parked. The Solution? Mobile Meteor's
Truck Tracker & Map Widget Use our mobile web application from your smartphone to update your location Simply tap your selection to update your status Your status will be updated immediately Your Mobile Site Your Desktop-Optimized Website And Even Your Facebook Fan Page Updates your location and automatically sends a default tweet, which has been precomposed by you Updates your location and lets you fill out a tweet to send Updates your location and sends a tweet with a link directly to your location on Google Maps These two indicate that you are temporarily closed - and, of course, you get to choose which kind of tweet to send Your customers won't be confused when you are not on the road Of course, if you're using Twitter anyway, just tweet @MobileMeteor to update your status on the Map Widget! Sign up for Mobile Meteor with the promo code FOODTRUCK, and you will get all of these features included with your new mobile website. Mobile Meteor:
Ensures smartphone users can find you
Gives you two Instant Info Screens so you can share menus, pictures, reviews & more
Works on iPhones, Blackberries, Androids and all modern smartphones
Instantly displays from your own home page
Enables you to update your information 24/7
Integrates with the best social media tools
30 day money-back guarantee
To learn more anout Mobile Meteor, check this out: http://prezi.com/fq1dc7iaxnhy/what-is-mobile-meteor/
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