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New World Encounters

No description

Hilda Gallardo

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of New World Encounters

New World Encounters The Aztecs The Conquistadors Key Traits of Civilization Which key traits do the following go into? Obsidian Blades Topiltzín Tenochtitlán Warriors Priests Montezuma II Sacrifice Primary Source Reading Reading For Origins and Context Reading for Meaning Reading for Argument Reading Like a Historian Only read the top of the document (title, author, place, date, etc).
Why does this matter?
Why is this person significant?
What background information do I have about the this time period? Read through the text to get the author's main idea.
Underline the sentence that grasps the main idea.
What kind of document is it? Who is the intended audience?
Does the author use evidence or use examples that give credibility to his argument?
Underline your support.
Is the argument logical or believable?
What bias or perspectives are expressed?
Given the place and audiences of the document, how is the argument shaped to be effective? Interpret how the differing perspectives of the Aztecs and conquistadors will impact the interactions among the two cultures?
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