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WW Presentation WQ2013

No description

M Keel

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of WW Presentation WQ2013

Finally In Conclusion... Introduction Presentation 3 Most Meaningful Assignments 1. Argument Paper Mind Map Attempt #1 Argument Paper Contemporary Music & Symphony Orchestras Persuasive Letter Most Meaningful Assignments 2. Mind Map 3. Persuasive Letter Writing Workshop Winter 2013 An appeal to management to replace the dreaded Cranberry Chairs Michelle Keel Thank you! Music: Intro & Transitions: } Topic Selection Narrowing It Down + Mind Mapping (more coming soon) Research Topic Compromise Rough Draft Peer Review Titles not capitalized?
Midsummer's night dream
A farewell to arms
Pride & prejudice
Awkward! Turabian
Challenge Reflection Argument Paper Attempt #2 + = Attempt #1 Attempt #2 Mind Map Persuasive Letter Passé Stravinsky, Igor. 1995. "Petrushka, first tableau, part 1". New York Philharmonic. 3 Assignments Debussy, Claude. 1995. Prelude to "The afternoon of a faun". New Philharmonia Orchestra. Credits: Fin All music appears on The Norton recordings, shorter version. 7th Edition. Sony Music. 1995 Which assignments were the most meaningful for me?
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