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Online Gaming Addiction: The Role of Sensation, Self-Control

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Xinchen Xu

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Online Gaming Addiction: The Role of Sensation, Self-Control

Online Gaming Addiction: The Role of Sensation, Self-Control, Neuroticism, Aggression, State Anxiety, and Trait Anxiety

Personality Traits
sensation seeking
state anxiety
trait anxiety
a 1-month period
opportunity sample of university students at an East Midlands university in the UK
over 200 students participated
only 123 completed all the questionnaires
72 males, 51 females
The mean age for male was 22.3; for female is 21.6
It's Question Time
Do you think the survey method as the best fit to explain this matter?
Possible improvements?
Do you think OGA as an important subject to spend time studying on?
Speaking of self-control, do you think OGA is somehow related to OCD?
Results and Conclusion
The association between aggression and online gaming addiction is positive
Trait and state anxiety were both significantly associated with OGA
Neuroticism was also positively associated
Self-control was negatively correlated
Mehwash Mehroof, B.Sc.
and Mark D. Grilffiths, Ph.D

The Aim of this study was to further investigate the roles of various personality traits and their associations with online gaming addition in a university students sample.

This study suggests that certain personality traits may be important in the acquisition, development, and maintenance of online gaming addiction, although further research is needed to replicate the finds of the present study.
The Survey
The survey comprised a battery of questionnaires including:
the Game Addiction Scale(GAS)
the Self-Control Scale(SCS)
the Buss-Perry Aggression Questionnaire(BPAQ)
Arnett Inventory of Sensation Seeking(AISS)
State- Trait Anxiety Inventory for Adults(STAI)
Eysenck Personality Questionnaire(Revised Short Scale)(EPQ-R-S)
Additionally, two demographic questions about gender and age.
An e-mail link to approximately 500 students, 50% of those contacted would have played online games, the data were automatically coded for SPSS data analysis, only fully-answered survey was remained in the final sample
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