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smart google contact lens

No description

Ashley S

on 29 June 2016

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Transcript of smart google contact lens

What is smart Contact Lens
google lens in the future
In the future, google smart contact lens want to add a led light to it, the reason for it is because it can warn the wearer by lighting up when the glucose levels have crossed above or below certain levels. They made this lens because they hope this could someday lead to a new way for people with high glucose to manage their disease.
This new lens(google smart lens) invention is created by Brian O and Babak P who were both members of the electrical engineering group, they created this new technology because they are looking for a technology which helps by developing apps that would make lives for "difficulty in life people" have a better time. These lenses consists a miniaturized glucose sensor. A tiny pinhole in the lenses allows tears to leek into the sensor to measure glucose levels. Both of the sensors are set between two soft layers of lens material.
By Ashley
smart contact lens
how to create these lenses
The smart contact lens has a shape like a normal lens, but it can do more than that. Google's smart lens helps a lot, it can measure the glucose levels in your tears without needing to go to the doctors. In the future, rather than going to the doctors, you can just wear these lenses and you'll be good to go.
Samsung lens is a very good invention and it'll help all people around the world. People thinks that the Samsung lenses will be used as a new invention and turn popular soon. What it can do is more than displaying pictures, it can be a tool for
watching videos and playing games.
My thoughts
Samsung smart lens in the future

while Google is still working on the smart contact lens, south Korea is making a smart contact lens too. Samsung's smart contact lenses can display images straight into the user's eyes.
1.it helps the people who have high or low glucose
2.it's a new technology to humans.
3.it can last a lifetime so you don't have to buy one again.
4.easy to pick up.
5.soft, easy to use/everything is on the outside so it won't touch your eyes
Google's contact lens have a wireless chip and a tear tester on it,the electronics lie outside of the lens so it does no damage your eyes.
contact lenses
OK lenses/ ortho k
smart lens
what is it
a thin plastic lens that can be placed directly on the surface of your eyes
what does it do
it helps people keep their eye's degrees stay the same
what is it
what does it do
lens with a hard edge, which you use overnight.
helps retreat your eye's degrees for a few days.
1.it may harm your eyes
2.may lost it because of its size.
3. artificial tear tester.
4.have to clean it well everyday, which takes a long time
5. Slide around your eyes which hurts
what is google smart lens
how to create these lenses
what can it measure
the timeline of the different type of lenses
the steps of using the lenses
is it useful
pros and cons/votes
google lens in the future
Samsung lens in the future
my thoughts
after all
what can the google lens measure
different measures:
--blood sugar levels
--measures blood ethanol
-- measures bodily inflammation
--gives information about liver and kidney functions
--measures amount of lactic acid in the blood
--measures lipids
electrolyte irons
--measures sodium, potassium, chloride, and bicarbonate
the steps of using the lens
after all
I think this is a really cool invention, but it's so small so it has a good chance of getting lost. Even if they didn't lose it, people won't use it that much. I like Samsung's idea better because this is for all kinds of people to use because it's not just based on one thing like google contact lenses which can only test glucose. It will be interesting for people to try and it sounds like it'll be a great invention to create.
people who liked the creation
people who hated the creation
Yes, because people don't have to go to the doctors and wait for a long time, instead, they can wear this lens and they will work whiled you are doing other things. It has a lot of uses and it does it's job faster and accurate so the user has a better time using it.
January 16, 2014
what is it
what does it do
a lens that can help you test your glucose
a lenses that is soft with no hard edges
is it useful?
thanks for watching
The tears collector collect tears into the sensor(a chip that detects glucose), then the sensor will react and give a LED light to show you if your glucose is high or not. If you want the data, it'll report in a computer or print out by a computer using blue tooth.
I think these inventions are really cool, but it can also harm your eyes if you don't clean it well or accidentally crack it. In another way, it is also very cool to see that humans are creating so many impressive inventions that no one has ever thought of.
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