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What makes a family?

Rebecca Hayes

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Family

Put your hands up if you are the eldest child born in your family
This means you have something in common with: Barack Obama; Brad Pitt & JK Rowling.
Put your hands up if you were 2nd born or someone in the middle
You share something in common with:
Britney Spears; Madonna & Ricky Gervais.
What about our youngest family members?
Put your hands up.
You share this with
Chris Evans; Cameron Diaz & George Michael.
those of you who haven't put your hands up
must be 'only' children.

Please could you raise your hands now.
You share this in common with:
Tiger Woods; Frank Sinatra & Robbie Williams.
I want us to consider whether or not this birth order has any affect on our personality, or the way that we behave.
Studies have shown:
that where you rank in your family may have a bearing on your personality and how you react and behave in certain situations.
Can you recognise yourselves from these ideas?
1st borns, listen carefully

Those of you who have an older sibling should listen too, to see if you can spot your older brother or sister.
The majority of 1st borns are leaders. You are likely to be someone who can motivate
yourself and you are interested in high achievement.
In our list earlier, we mentioned Barack Obama.
In fact, over 1/2 of all USA presidents are 1st born children.
1st borns are the responsible ones.
Reliable and unlikely to let others down; and if you do, you feel bad about it.

Do any 1st borns recognise this?
Put your hands up.
You are also likely to
manage people and feel in control, and you can lead a team successfully; but this means at times, however, that you are a bit of a control freak!
You will usually plan ahead and behave in fairly predictable ways, as you don't like to be caught unaware and so will use coping mechanisms to prevent it.
Does this sound familiar?
Now 2nd or somewhere in the middle born children. How about you?
You are the people of the people so to speak.
You probably speak up a bit to get your voice heard too, and so you might be a little less inward-looking than your older brother or sister, and maybe sometimes a little prone to attention seeking.
What is good about 2nd born and middle children is that they can be very good diplomats, able to see both sides of the story and willing to compromise, with a greater ability to be flexible.
Often to keep the peace, you take the blame for others, even if it's not your mistake or fault. Do you do this at home and at school?
Are you sociable, lively and competitive?
Are friendships important to you?

As you have never been on your own in a
home situation, you probably like being surrounded by friends and loved ones...
Now, 'only' children.
You are very lucky, as unlike any others, there is no one for you to compete with.
There is just you, your parents, which may or may not be the best thing sometimes... But because there is just you, you will expect nothing less than the best at all times.
'Only' children have good powers of concentration, able to learn quickly, well organsied and efficient.
You may have good relationships with both adults and other children. You are independent, probably because you have to be.
But, you also may feel that your parents do everything for you - or are you more than happy for them to do that?
Now, the youngest children.

Youngest children can be fearless and ready to try new experiences.
You often initiate things, perhaps getting your older brother or sister into trouble and standing back and watching?
You can be lively and extroverted. You can sometimes be accused of showing off.
You might be very good at welcoming new people or putting others at ease.
You can be fun-loving, and have an ability to laugh at yourselves, unlike your siblings - especially the oldest one!
You are full of energy and willing to help others get things done, you often have crazy ideas, but with it comes a short attention span.
The facts
So, does birth order affect your personality?
There is no true scientific evidence, but a survey on Mums.net said that 77% of people felt that their birth order does have an affect on their personality within their family.
Important point to remember:
There are so many things that affect your personality. Birth order is one of many factors such as:
Social background
Political views
Outlook on life
Age gap
Birth order does, however, show us some very interesting things about what it means to be a sibling and an only child.
Maybe you don't match any of the explanations I have shown you; maybe you are a mixture of them all...
Maybe you could think about this today and see if you can recognise yourself?
So, if you are a bossy 1st born, maybe try to take a turn standing back. Or if you are the youngest, try concentrating for a bit longer...
My family...
Me - 1980
This is Mr Richards' and his son Seth
My family - 1985 - Can you spot where I am?
Me and my sisters
Families come in various shapes and sizes...
and some famous families...
The Royle Family
The Simpsons
another Royal Family.
The Osbournes
The Kardashians
The Jacksons!
Think about your family...
or the group you live with.
How different are you all?
How do you encourage those differences?
Are you glad you are all different?
How do manage the conflict
within your household?
Spend a short moment thinking about your family...

Be thankful for the joys of family life.

Be grateful for the gift of family.

For the people who surround us every day.


Mr Richards' family...
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