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Hindu Temples

By: CJ Houchin :D and Katie Zambrano :)

sixth hindu temples

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Hindu Temples

HINDU TEMPLES How do people worship? Hindus worship on a daily
basis, by bringing offerings
to God, or a specific God.
Before worshiping everyone
must remove their shoes
and wash their hands and
feet. What offerings do people bring? People bring: flowers, uncooked
rice, and various foods to Gods to
worship them. Why do people go to temples
in the first place anyway? People go to temples to
connect with their God or
a God. They express love
or to give thanks to. How are these MARVELOUS
temples designed? These spectacular temples are
designed with an entrance facing
east, in the direction of the rising sun.The outer walls are decorated with carvings and sculptures from HIndu myths. Temples always includes a tower and a small inner room. What's a Puja? It is the temple's shrine
where the priest
preforms rituals or "pujas". This is inside a shrine
where puja is practiced. This is the front of
a Hindu Temple. THese are the carvings
and figures on the outer
walls of a Hindu Temple. WATCH THIS!! WATCH THIS!!! This pic shows you how
big Hindu TEmples usually
are like. This is a GOD people
worship, this is the
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