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Intro to Radiation

No description

Melissa Beck

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Intro to Radiation

Introduction to Radiation (Kind Of...) What is radiation? Radioactive materials are composed of atoms that are unstable. An unstable atom gives off its excess energy until it becomes stable. This energy is RADIATION!!! Background Radiation:

Radon, potassium-40, uranium, radium, thorium, cosmic rays, and the sun... We are exposed to 300 millirems of natural
radiation each year.This accounts for 85% of
our total annual exposure.
Where does the remaining 15% come from?
Man Made Sources!!!
Tobacco, television, medical
x-rays, smoke detectors, lantern
mantles, nuclear medicine, building
materials... So, we know how radioactive substances decay, but when does the element decay? Answer: NO ONE KNOWS!!! Radiation causes damage and alters the body's normal cells and normal cell function....CANCER!!
Ionizing Radiation:
Can change the chemical makeup of things! It affects the ATOMS in a process called IONIZATION! Atoms --> Molecules --> Cells --> Tissue --> Organs --> Your Body!
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