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No description

Harvey Birdman

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of OIL

Double click anywhere & add an idea EXTRA! EXTRA!
READ ALL ABOUT IT! BRITISH PETROLEUM OIL SPILL IN GULF OF MEXICO THREATENS ECOSYSTEMS AND ECONOMIES! The says... April 20th, BP's Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded killed 11 people and then set off the leak
Nobody is sure of how it exactly happened
threatens to flood tourist locations and marshlands
a relief well may be drilled to intercept the leaks, but it will take three months says... The three caps are leaking about 5,000 barrels a day (200,000 gallons)
Louisiana shrimpers are attempting to sue BP and the owners of the rig
the spill threatens over 400 species including sea turtles and dolphins
The says... spill is five times bigger than Exxon Vladez spill in 1981
BP attempting to lower dome that could cap the oil and funnel it to a tanker above
light sheen washed along the shore of Louisiana
Slick is the size of small country
Sea life being affected in are with vital spawning grounds for fish, shrimp and crab says... Bulid up of hydrated prevented successful placement of dome
More than 275 vessels are being used to help
Emergency teams are being sent with inflatable booms to protect the shoreline
Some 90,000 barrles of oily liquid has been recovered
All of these sources are biased. They leave certain things out and write in a certain style to reflect THEIR point of view. Sometimes it's just a little but other times the story is so biased you can't get an accurate picture from it at all. The Toronto Star, the ABC and the National Post all tried to make the oil spill seem as bad as possible. They put more on what ecosystems are being damaged and what attempts are failing than what is being fixed. On the other hand, BP put almost nothing about their failures and damages, or at least made them seem not that bad. BP puposely made the oil spill seem optimistic.
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