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Colin Powell

No description

patty najdek

on 31 May 2016

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Transcript of Colin Powell

Prominent Person
Colin Powell
Mrs. Najdek

Colin Powell was born on April 5th, 1937, in Harlem, New York
He grew up in Brooklyn, New York

Early Life
Colin Powell is the son of Jamaican immigrant parents, Luther and Maud Powell. He has one sister, Marilyn Powell.
Accomplishment #1
Accomplishment #2
In 1989 President Bush appointed Colin Powell to be the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff.
Adult Life
Colin Powell married Alma Powell in 1962, they have three children: Linda, Michael, and Annmarie.
Colin Powell
Reason for Prominence
Colin Powell served our country as a General, Head of the Joint Chiefs,
and Secretary of state.
Colin Powell attended public schools in
New York City.
Elementary Schools were numbered PS#
Morris High School
NY City College - BS in Geology
Member of ROTC
Reserve Officer Training Corp
Masters in Business MBA
George Washington University
First Job
After serving in the Vietnam War Colin Powell
returned and started his firs job working with the
Department of Defense in the Pentagon.
Colin Powell is a highly successful person. However, he has done some even more exceptional things. The firs would be achieving the the rank of General.
Military Rank
General - April 4, 1989
Lieutenant General - March 26, 1984
Major General - August 1, 1983
Brigadier General - June , 1979
Colonel - February 1, 1976
Lieutenant Colonel - July 9, 1970
Major - May 24, 1966
Captain - June , 1962
First Lieutenant - December 30, 1959
Second Lieutenant - June 9, 1958
Impact on His Career
Each rank Coin Powell reached
gave him more credibility. It impacted his work in the Pentagon, and in the White House.
The Joint Chiefs of Staff

The Joint Chiefs of staff are the highest ranking leaders of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. They advise the President and the National Security Council on all important military matters.
Impact on His Career

Powell's work with the President led to his next major accomplishment as a member of the President's cabinet.
Accomplishment #3
Powell's third accoomplshment is his appointment as the Secretary of state.
Secretary of State
This job is the role of Diplomat to the entire world. This office is the 4th under the office of President.

Impact on His Career

Powell's role as Secretary
of State made him a highly respected military leader and politician.
His work in this job led
his party to recommend him as a candidate for the Presidency. (Which he declined)
1. Voted Democrat for Johnson in 1962
Then voted Republican for the first George Bush
Then voted Democrat for Obama

2. Medals
1. Defense Distinguished Service Medal
2. Defense Superior Service Medal
3. Legion of Merit
4. Soldiers Medal
5. Bronze Star
6. Purple Heart
7. Air Medal
8. Joint Service Commendation Medal
9. Army Service Commendation Medal
10. Presidential Medal of Freedom 91 and 93
11. Presidential Citizen's Medal
12. Service Star
13. Vietnam Service Medal
14. Army Service Ribbon
15. Army Overseas Ribbon
Fun Facts
The President's Cabinet

What I Learned
I was truly amazed by what this man
has accomplished in his lifetime.
I knew he was someone I would admire, but I am overwhelmed by
how much he done as a true American
Patriot. I am honored to have done
a presentation about him.
Statue at the Buffalo Soldier Monument

Donated the School for Civic and Global Leadership at
New York City College

12 Books written by Powell and about Powell

More recognitions not mentioned here
Full transcript