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Introduction to LAX Coworking

No description

Rachel Horning

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Introduction to LAX Coworking

Introduction to LAX Coworking
Pinpointing the Problem
The Chamber's model for engaging the Technology community was no longer relevant or effective.
Get the Brain Juices Flowing
So we brainstormed and concluded the Chamber was ripe for a structural metamorphosis.
Infiltrate, Activate
By attending over 200 hours worth of "Silicon Beach L.A." tech events and intellectual panels, I slowly began integrating the Chamber into the emerging tech community. No other Chambers of Commerce have an 'on-the-ground' tech presence in L.A. We are unique.
Work to Our Strengths
"Ah ha" Moment
We have what many techies need/want/crave... SPACE! October 1 marks the launch of LAX Coworking with the potential to surpass membership revenue after one year. The pilot, lasting during the month of October will provide us with ability to
Creatives and techies (i.e. freelance artists, web developers, and other 'solopreneurs') want space, easy access to the community, and outlets for improving the world around them. Let's not pretend like we know more than we do.
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