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Philippines Imperialism

No description

Bethany Panda

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Philippines Imperialism

By: Bethany Padua and Taylor Garvey. Philippines Imperialism What countries invaded and colonized the Philippines? - Spain - Actually they didn't invade the country but colonized them starting 1565. Philippines was discovered by Ferdinand Magellan in 1521.
Netherlands - In 1568, Spanish Flanders revolted against Philip II of Spain (Philippines was named after him) which is known in history as the Eighty Years' War.
- Portugal - Philippines is actually within Portuguese point of interest of colonization as established by late 15th century Treaties of Zaragoza and Tordesillas. So they laid a claim in the islands stating that the country is theirs.
- Great Britain - In 1756, the continuation of War of Austrian Succession started knowing as the Seven Years' War. Initially, the alliance of France, Austria and Russia formed an alliance against Prussia.
- United States - Spain lost in Spanish American War in 1898. This started with the Cuban Revolution, where US watched in closely. US invaded the Philippines then through Commodore George Dewey.
- Japan- As part of WWII, Japan invaded and occupied Philippines from 1941-1944.
Why were the Philippines imperialized? -They wanted to find ways to spread Christianity.
-They wanted to expand trade markets.
-America had a strong sense of nationalism.
When was the Philippines Imperialized? In the nineteenth century, America pursued a policy of imperialism in the Philippines.
What effects did this hold over the people involved community/nation, on the world? It insulted the people of the Philippines. Making them feel more less than America. Which ended up making the war between them start faster.
-America spreads the idea of democracy to the Philippines and other courtiers.
- The united states gained control of the Philippines after the Spanish-American war.
- When the Filipinos were being given to another country for imperialist rule they were unhappy.
- The Philippines the U.S. had direct .
- The U.S. kept the Filipinos under control because they felt that the Philippines were to uncivilized to govern themselves.
- American influenced the idea of democracy to the Philippines.
What people should know about this.
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