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Main Idea and Supporting Details

No description

Destiny Parks

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Main Idea and Supporting Details

Foundation Definition of Main Idea is So the Main Idea is Could the Main Idea be... Results So What is the Main Idea ? Don't invite people to someone house without permission? Why is knowing the main idea so
important? A Main Idea is the most important information that tells the central thought of a topic. don't walk alone ? Don't Talk To Strangers!? Back to our story What is the main Idea of this story ? Lets look at this story to Practice finding Main Idea Well not talking to strangers is something children shouldn't do. Although that is not the Main Idea of this story. No that's not the Main Idea, that is more of a supporting detail No again,
walking alone isn't even a big supporting detail. Little red walking alone is just extra information that makes the story more interesting. NO ! But that supporting detail is very important to the main idea What was the only thing Little red's mom told her to do? Take food to her Grandma, and make sure to stay on the path and stay out of the woods If Little Red Riding Hood would have listen to her mothers directions, which were to stay on the path and to not go in the woods. She would not have meet the wolf The wolf would not have gone to Grandma's House And no body would have been gobbled up. So the main Idea is Follow directions Knowing the main idea keeps the story's information important
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