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Harry Camsell-Graham

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Prezi.VS.Powerpoint

By Harry Camsell-Graham Prezi VS Microsoft
Powerpoint What are the good point about Prezi? What are the good points about
Microsoft PowerPoint? In prezi you can choose a certain style for your prezi depending on what subject you need to do one about.In prezi you can add images into a word or letter. You can also zoom in and zoom out to make adding images. In prezi you can add videos straight from YouTube and add images from the internet without having to save them or copy and paste them. On prezi there are templates to help you choose what to do; they have a lot of different templates to choose from as well. Prezi is good if you are holding a meeting or doing an assembly if you are a teacher. Prezi is also good for students that need to do homework on a computer. Good points about Microsoft PowerPoint are that it works with all images. If you save your presentation as video you can use your presentation to create an actual playback video. You can even add narrations and timings. You can insert images and accents if you need to if you are writing in French or German etc. On PowerPoint you can add voice clips and music. On Microsoft PowerPoint you can also add animations to you PowerPoint. On PowerPoint you can add transitions and you can use spellcheck.On Microsoft PowerPoint you can change the colour of your background and the colour of your text. You can insert shapes, and charts into your PowerPoint also you can insert word art and tables on to Microsoft PowerPoint. What are the bad points about prezi? Bad points about prezi are that prezi doesn’t work with PNG files only J pegs. Another bad point is that you can’t add accents to your prezi if you need to write in French or another language on your prezi. You have to pay more money to be a pro on prezi. Without paying any one can access your prezi’s so any one can see who you are and comment on your prezi’s.Another bad point is that there is only three styles of writing you can do. Bad things about Microsoft PowerPoint Some bad points about Microsoft PowerPoint are that there are a lot of tools you can use in it which makes it quite confusing for you when you are trying to use it. You also have to save your images if you would like to put them into your work. Some of the tools that are available are not easy to understand. To conclude To conclude although Microsoft PowerPoint is very good to use and Prezi has some bad points I think that Prezi is a lot better than Microsoft PowerPoint because it is easier to use and has better features than Microsoft PowerPoint as Microsoft PowerPoint has more bad points than Prezi and Prezi has more good points than Microsoft PowerPoint.
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