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DeployStudio: Up and running in 60 minutes

No description

Nathan Felton

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of DeployStudio: Up and running in 60 minutes

DeployStudio Up and running in 60 minutes Download www.deploystudio.com http://deploystudio.com/News/News.html
Has current and archived versions of DeployStudio.
Has RSS feed for your favorite RSS client for updates.
Only recommended for testing environments, unless a specific fix is listed that applies to your production environment. Installation Configuration
DeployStudio Assistant Mount the disk image (dmg) Run the installer package (mpkg) Netboot OS Configuration Deploystudio user account Local user account used for AFP share access to the repository. OS Configuration DeployStudio AFP share Grant the "deploystudio" user Read & Write access, and enable the AFP share. OS Configuration DeployStudio Folder Create a folder at the root of the drive called "DeployStudio." Optionally change the folder icon by copying from the DeployStudio Admin app. Installation DeployStudio Server Mount the Disk Image (DMG) that was downloaded. Run the DeployStudio Server install package. DeployStudio Admin Activity Computers Workflows Masters Packages Scripts Computers currently running the DeployStudio Runtime will appear in this section.
You can control the Runtime environment via VNC if you enabled that option during the Runtime creation. Database of computers.

If you select the "Reject unknown computers" option during the configuration process, computers you want to connect to DeployStudio must be in this database.

Ability to set a workflow to start automatically for a single or a group of computers when they log into the runtime. Currently there are 23 workflow tasks, allowing your workflows to be very dynamic and versatile for whatever your needs are.
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