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How To Make MC Script

No description

Lynh Lynh

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of How To Make MC Script

How to make MC Script by Thuy Lynh Our Targets Step-by-step Process Important Notes 3 Types of Program Share experiences Step-by-step Process Thank you :"> 1. Step-by-step process of making MC Script

2. Some important notes

3. Share experiences 1. Talk to the event maker: concept, important imformation (time, place, clothes...), concrete plan and sth like that :)

2. Make a script: based on types of event (seminar, festival, academic program, talkshow…).
Update information 'bout guests
Suitable Clothes
Way to move and stand
Adjust voiceUnexpected situations
3. Send script to the main event maker

4. Remind him/her to announce

anything new ^^
Follow these steps:
1. Say hi
2. Introduce program (reason, guests...)
3. Thank you, bunch of flowers, memorial medal (depend on programs)
4. Main section (adward, examine, sing, dance…)
5. The end (thank you, give present to audience, say goodbye...)
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