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Totally Epic Hero

No description

Richard Boyles

on 4 April 2016

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Transcript of Totally Epic Hero

The Epic Hero
The Five Epic Traits of the Epic Hero
(In a Nutshell)
Create your own epic hero! Draw your hero (an honest attempt at least), explain how the five traits are represented in that hero (write down on the back of the paper in complete sentences and SFE), and then get ready to explain it to the class. Be detailed! I expect at least FOUR big boy/girl sentences per epic trait! Be detailed!
These are the most obvious traits that set the epic hero apart from his/her counterparts.

Odysseus: remarkable cunning and wily ways.

Other epic heroes: abnormal strength, intelligence, endurance, etc.
They take a human quality and raise it to the nth degree.
Epic heroes are tools used to represent things that the culture that created them value at the time.

For example: Kanye West

The culture he comes from values success, money, vapid wives, and amazing egos.
Heroes go on journeys of some sort.

An epic hero will always embark on a journey of great physical distance and difficulty.

Epic journeys also usually model a circular format; basically, a hero starts off at home, goes off and whoops up on some baddies, and returns home.
Unparalleled Qualities
Cultural Values
The Journey
A Hint of the Supernatural
The supernatural influences the epic hero during his/her journey.

Depending on culture, these effects will vary greatly.

For example: Greek Culture
The hero will probably wind up displeasing and/or having bedtime fun with a god/goddess at some point.
Depth of Character
Even with all the superpowers and supernatural hanky-panky going on, epic heroes maintain a high level of complexity.

For example: Odysseus
Strong, passionate, clever, and determined. However, he, does not know when to shut up

This is what makes the epic hero and his/her story interesting; they overcome personal issues and failures to triumph.
Unparalleled Qualities

The Journey

Hint of the Supernatural

Cultural Values

Depth of Character
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