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Copy of Direct and Indirect Questions

No description

riana the

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Direct and Indirect Questions

Inversion in question !! Direct-Indirect Questions Are you alright? Indirect Question Question inside a question Why indirect questions? speaker - listener Direct Questions Normal order: Verb-Subject Inversion in questions Verb-Subject Verb:
main verb
helping verb (auxiliary
Do you know Mr. Parker? Do you know if Mr. Parker is leaving? Does Mr Elmore work?
Where does Mr Elmore work?
Could you tell me where Mr Elmore works? Did Cassie call?
When did Cassie call?
Could you tell me when Cassie called? Could you tell me where Mr Elmore works? Could you tell me when Cassie called? Who is Jan seeing tomorrow?
Do you know who Jan is seeing tomorrow? Wh- and How questions:
we repeat the question words How much does it cost?
Do you know how much it costs? Why did Mr Peter leave?
Do you know why Mr Peter leave? Who is coming to the meeting?
Do you know who is coming to the meeting?
(who is subject of the question) Is it going to rain tomorrow?
Do you know if it's going to rain tomorrow? Yes/ No Question:
use if or whether (or not) Have you decided to go ahead?
Could you tell me whether or not you've decided to go ahead? common phrases common phrases to introduce indirect questions: Could you tell me ...
Do you know ...
Could you let me know... I wonder...
I'll try and find out...
I have no idea...
I don't know...
I'm not sure...
I doubt whether... other common phrases:
thought phrases I wonder when our order will arrive. When is Mr Parker Leaving?
is leaving
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