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Incredibles Archetypes

No description

Lauren Kinney

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of Incredibles Archetypes

Archetype #2: VILLAIN

Villain: embodies everything that the hero opposes; works directly against the hero’s cause, hoping that the hero will fail in his or her quest

Example: Syndrome

He first appears as a child in the movie as Mr. Incredible's biggest fan. He longs to be his sidekick "Incrediboy" but is continually denied his assistance by Mr. Incredible. 15 years later, Syndrome is still angered by this and plots revenge on Mr. Incredible and his family. He invents machines designed to kill all supers so he can pretend to be one.
Archetype #3: MENTOR
Archetype #4: The Call to Adventure
After Mr. Incredible is fired from his job, Mirage secretly gives him a tablet containing top-secret information about a new mission. If he can complete the mission, he can bring home income for him and his family. It will also give him an opportunity to do what he loves: renewing his hero status while fighting crime and saving lives.
Archetype #1: HERO

Hero: one who ultimately may fulfill a necessary task and who will restore fertility, harmony, and/or justice to a community.

Example: Mr. Incredible fulfills this duty in his role in the movie. He possesses super strength, durability, speed, hearing, and a skilled strategist after years of experience. He is finally given the opportunity to resume his superhero lifestyle after living undercover for 15 years. In the end, Mr. Incredible defeats his hated enemy, Syndrome, and saves the city from destruction by the Omnidroid.

Example: Edna Mode
She is an unique fashion designer who designs the "super suits" for the Incredibles so that they fit their specific superpowers. She offers encouragement and emotional help to Mrs. Incredible as she searches for her husband.
Archetype #5:
Hunting Group of Companions
Mentor: teacher or counselor to the initiate; trains or teaches him; equips him by giving him a gift or gifts which are important in his quest.
The Call to Adventure: the Hero is presented with a situation or problem; can come in the form of a message, phone call, letter, or a dream

Example: when Mirage seeks out Mr. Incredible to give him a mission
Archetype #6: THE TASK
Archetype #8: The Initiation
Example: The Parr Family

They stick together and each play an important role in saving the family. They face danger in fighting Syndrome, which brings them closer together as a family as they use their powers to help each other.
The Task: the nearly superhuman feat(s) the Hero must perform in order to accomplish his quest.

#7: RED
Red is a commonly used color throughout the movie. The Incredibles' new suits are red. When designing their new suits, Edna wants to make them bold, dramatic, and heroic. In this movie, red represents passion, emotion, sacrifice, and action. Red is also the color of the final Omnidroid's eyes.

The Initiation: The adolescent comes into his maturity with new awareness and problems; often occurs in the climax

Example: Mr. Incredible's initiation has been occuring for 15 years- the time he has spent working as an insurance agent. His car is too tiny. His job cramps his style. His life has absolutely no excitement. He has been reliving the past and has never gotten used to the "normal life." He is still trying to cope with all the frustrations of "normal life" without using his superpowers.

In the last scene of the movie, Mr. Incredible attempts to defeat Syndrome's biggest, strongest Omnidroid yet. With the help of Fro-Zone and his family, Mr. Incredible is able to win his biggest battle ever.
Example: Mr. Incredible
Lauren Kinney
Mrs. Bullington
English II PAP
October 10, 2014

Archetype #9: Loyal Retainer
Loyal Retainer: This individual is like a noble sidekick to the hero. Their duty is to protect the hero. Often the retainer reflects the hero's nobility.

Example: FroZone has been Mr. Incredible's noble sidekick since day one. He has the ability to freeze and control ice. Fro-Zone helps Mr. Incredible defeat the Omnidroid by freezing its feet.

Hunting Group of Companions:
loyal companions willing to face any number of dangers to be together

"It Takes the Right Type to be Incredible"
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