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Social Media

No description

Lisa Morrow

on 17 February 2015

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Transcript of Social Media

What is Social Media?
As of January 2014, 74% of online adults use social networking sites.
Social Media Objectives
Best Practice | The Basics
Posting Strategy | Voice
Posting Strategy | Content
Customer Feedback
Lookers Social Media
Best Practice Strategy
(Source: Pew Research Centre, January 2014)
"An umbrella term that defines the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and the construction of words and pictures. This interaction, and the manner in which information is presented, depends on the varied perspectives and “building” of shared meaning, as people share their stories, and understandings."
Essentially, it is lots and lots of people having conversations online - 24/7
(Source: Anvil Media)
Why Should We Care?
Franchises should focus on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

One Facebook Page, one Twitter account per franchise will ensure there is an enriched level of content on each page.

We can expand on these platforms over time.

Basics | Structure & Profiles
Basics | Structure & Profiles

Clear profile and cover photos are essential on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.
Basics | Good Content
Creating good content that is tailored for each platform will drive engagement.
A full and complete profile page displays professionalism.

We would encourage franchise Facebook Pages to have a set of ‘house rules’ to support productive participation by users and grow a transparent community.

It is important to dedicate enough time and resource to our social channels or else this great content we are creating won’t be seen by anyone.

Customers want authentic communication on social media so we need to consider how we speak to them.

Photos can be used to showcase:
Happy Customers
Videos are a great way to showcase your cars or even new car launch events.

Why not create a video to highlight some great features on your models?

Citroen C1 Reversing Camera
Citroen C4 Cactus City Park Pack
Links can drive traffic to your franchise microsites.
Remember to always upload your own photo to Facebook as this will expand the link out.
On Twitter you can add photos to link tweets to make them more visually impacting on the Twitter feed.
Manufacturers will have great content already created that you will be able to share on Facebook pages or Retweet.

Celebrate Positive Customer Feedback
Why not share some positive reviews on your social channels?

Create a screenshot of the review, then upload as an image.

Tag it with the company mission statement -
Facebook EdgeRank
Facebook’s algorithm, EdgeRank dictates what shows up in News Feed and why.

No engagement = No people seeing your content
Always respond to negative and positive feedback:
Don’t delay
Do not delete negative comments
Praise customers when they give positive reviews

Best Practice | Building Relationships
Advertising is only one small element, like with every marketing and communications campaign it is about building relationships with other bodies.
Do you work with any other business/social enterprise?

Has your dealership been involved in a charity event?

Tag or mention them in posts and Tweets
Facebook Advertising
Facebook Advertising can grow and further develop a Franchise’s social media audience.

An increase in pages Likes and post engagement
A more engaged audience
An increase in traffic to franchise microsite
A greater level of brand awareness
Refined targeting

Charles Hurst has been advertising career opportunities with video content. This has allowed them to reach candidates more cost effectively than using traditional media.

Do you have any job vacancies at the minute?

Could you create a video/interview of a member of the team explaining why they like their job so much?
Think of custom audiences like an e-shot on Facebook.

They are only served to users who use their email address as their Facebook login.

Promoting Your Social Assets

of Facebook users visit the site at least once a day.
(Source: Pew Research Centre, December 2013)
of UK users access Twitter via their mobile.
(Source: Twitter Advertising Blog, 2014)
100 Hours
of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.
(Source: YouTube.com)

Social Medai

Brand Awareness
Gauge Sentiment from our ‘Followers’ and ‘Fans’
Grow ‘Followers’ & ‘Fans’
Channel of Communication
Support Sales To Drive Traffic to Our Website
Fundamentally, Social Media gives you the opportunity to further develop positive and long-lasting relationships with your customer base, helping to achieve the overarching goal, ‘Customers For Life.’
What tone do you currently use when speaking to your customers online?
Which Tweet would you engage with?
Any Questions?
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