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BI Software at SYSCO

No description

Patrick Blakeney

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of BI Software at SYSCO

The Problem
Executive Summary
Do we budget with possible expenses or
spend ahead and save?
1990’s- SYSCO took a look within

Older operating companies: similar core applications, databases and hardware

Majority operating different hardware on different platforms

1993- Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Cooperation across SYSCO network mandatory

7 years late- 2nd large scale initiative
Data Warehouse
Solution - Volume Discount
Group Analysis

Why our decision is best for SYSCO
BI Software at SYSCO
What's your calculation?
THis should be an A+
Going forward with the BI initiative
Improve customer relations
Efficient use of company information

Business Objects
The leading vendors of BI software
Working relationship established

How much software modules and user licenses should SYSCO buy?
“Bare Bones”
“Middle of the Road”
“Volume Discount”

Other Challenges and Obstacles
Define business needs and time frames
Create buy-in from operating companies
Scanlan is the Best at Pepperidne !!!
Best choice from a cost perspective

Take advantage of volume discount

Within their budget

Avoid borrowing more money from the Directors Council

Already familiar/confident in the software

License all software & Licenses 2,000 people

Broader group at SYSCO are able to view Business Intelligence data

Allows knowledge, opportunity, fast growth, outstanding customer service, and expansion at a lower cost.
Information technology market is a market where the customer purchases on a need basis.

The software purchased by large and small businesses differ.

For SYSCO the sales from large business transactions contribute to 75% of Sysco's revenues whereas Small business contribute to 25%.

Conclusion: SYSCO should therefore stock up on a max amount of Licenses and target large business corporations.
If this deal is accepted, SYSCO will gain an advantage by having the power to view customer intelligence and analytical information.
3rd Scenario ~ "Volume Discount"
Understand customer needs

Look for customers who need BI updates

Increase sales revenues for the company
BI software sold by SYSCO has consultation services that help each individual business
The five phases scope, design, build, deploy & evolve are hurdles for the company.

Conclusion: Day will be able to access companies who may still be in the BI consultation phases and see the progress
“Volume discount” will cost $3.4 million dollars and will stay within the approved Director’s budget.

Income and revenues of SYSCO $22 billion dollars

We calculated initial $3.5 million dollar investment as low financial risk
Pros & Cons
"Bare Bones"
Purchase the minimum number of licenses & software (1,000)
Would cover SYSCO for about 6 months, then would cost more.
"Middle of the Road":
Purchase enough to cover 1,300 licenses
Covers SYSCO for 9-12 months
Likely need to purchase additional licenses after 1 year
"Volume Discount"
License all software needed for 2 years
Advantage of the volume discount

Broader group at SYSCO would have access to the data. Have enough software to take advantage of the customer intelligence analytical module and the supply chain module it would need to use in the future.
Possible Solutions
iPad mini
Twila Day
Decentralized Organization
Income Statement

•• Ad hoc querying

•• Connectors

•• Semantic layer

•• Cashing

•• Professional services
Business Objects competitive advantages are:
Director's Council
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