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I want to become a nurse to help people. I enjoy being around people and interacting with them.

Kelly Nettles

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Nursing


I would like to graduate from college
within the next five years and go straight to a hospital working
with a plastic surgeon.
After a few years of that i would like to work in the trauma unit of
a hospital in a big city.
Salary: $51,000 a year Influences: My cousins who
are nurses and some of my older friends.
I've always like the idea of working in a hospital
for a living.
where i will work:
i will be working with a plastic surgeon
in Charleston after i get out of college
for at least three years. I hope to switch colleges after at least 2 years to possible marshall. i've already been excepted there. By my second year of schooling
i will be doing my intership in two of Charleston's hospitals
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