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Copy of NMSI AP Study Session

AP Language Study Session | Andrew Hollinger

Andrew Hollinger

on 19 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of NMSI AP Study Session

the topic will never be beyond an AP student's abilities, but that doesn't mean it isn't tough bzzt Zoom Kablam evaluate the sources AP Language AP Language study session: synthesis Let's take a look . . . OVERVIEW AND it's TIMED: 15 reading only WAIT ! WAIT ! This is t o t a l l y doable. expectations to close read the text. synthesize the sources into an argument that responds to the prompt cite the sources accurately refer to the sources to develop your position; use them to explain both sides of the issue do not rely on summaries of the sources to make your argument — AP readers have read the sources ahead of time YOUR TURN What I look like without a beard. The AP English Language exam's synthesis essay is a free response question that asks students to respond to an issue of current importance. Some past synthesis topics include advertising, environmentalism, education, and space exploration. Students are expected to construct an about the issue by synthesizing the attached sources into their response. don't hate
frogs are
cool STRUCTURE a cover sheet that includes overview and background of the issue
an assignment or task that serves as the writing prompt
expectations for how to construct the written response
a list of sources six to eight sources MLA citation at the top
italicized background info on the source
text from a range of publications, political cartoons, images, charts, graphs, etc think of the cover sheet as an introduction to the discussion. Without bias, it presents the issue and poses a question of debate. The sources become a range of perspectives involved in the discussion. { oh yeah... the essays (together) are worth 55% of the net score Make sure you're taking notes! Understand the issue's background and the writing task.

Read, evaluate, and annotate all sources.

Determine your own argument in light of the topic.

Identify any outside knowledge you might have on the topic.

Integrate a minimum of three sources into an effective, persuasive essay.

Consider a solution to the issue. we're off! your job is (both today AND during the test) You'll need to quickly evaluate and annotate the texts. Do your best to see both the big picture and the details. The details will help your own argument stand out. skeptical v. cynical (definitely write this stuff down) in small groups read one of the sources and answer the questions do this as fast as possible while still understanding the text then wait — we'll debrief those answers rules of the game don't be this guy the sources are only examples; your idea about the topic is the reason for the essay LET'S REVIEW you know, take a closer look at how we did thesis AND 1st body paragraph Q&A Any questions? Is there time for 11-16? ASH'S FINAL THOUGHTS ON MC (a room) 45 writing
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