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Inisha Aujla

on 22 March 2015

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Transcript of PET/SPECT

Both a PET & SPECT are under the modality of nuclear medicine.
Both scans can be combined with other modalities (dual-modality) to obtain better images.
30-45min(PET) & 20-45min(SPECT)
How are we different from other tests?
PET shows functional information about the body. Most useful info required in dx and most appropriate tx provided by a PET. SPECT uses gamma rays to produce 3D images. Cross-sectional views of pt can be reformatted or manipulated prn.

PET- Positron Emission Tomography
SPECT- Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography
What is a PET Scan?
Nuclear med. imaging test that creates images of the body function and metabolism. A radioactive sugar is given to the patient to obtain these images.
What is a SPECT Scan?
A radioactive dye(tracer) is given to a patient, then the SPECT machine takes a scan of your body. Pictures are taken of your internal organs and other structures as the machine rotates around you. The pictures are sent to a computer where a 3D image is created.
Diseases & Conditions (PET)
-Diagnose cancer & if tx is working
-if other tests are unclear a PET scan is used
-cancer has recurred or metastisized
-diagnose nervous system & cardiovascular diseases
Diseases & Conditions (SPECT)
- Brain disorders (ex. seizures/dementia)
-Heart problems
> Clogged coronary arteries
> Reduced pumping efficiency
- Bone disorders
> Bone healing
> Cancer progression to bones
Patient Prep. (PET)
-Fast 4-6 hours (special instructions for diabetic pt's)
-wear clothing without metal zippers, buttons or belts
>may be asked to wear gown
-avoid caffeine, tobacco/alcohol & certain meds.
Patient Prep. (SPECT)
Depends on specific situation.
Generally, pt's should:
-remove all metalic jewellery
-tell tech if pregnant or breast feeding
-list of all meds and supplements you are on including herbal supplements and vitamins
Precautions (PET)
Notify the dr if you are:
-allergic to latex, meds and/or iodine
-pregnant or suspect you may be

Do not consume any caffiene, alcohol or tobacco 24hours prior
Precautions (SPECT)
-inform dr. of any allergies
-demented pt's monitored closely
-pt's w/neurological defect may require special care and close monitoring
-women breastfeeding asked to stop for certain period of time after exam & avoid close contact with young children
Hospital Tour Reference
In group 2 at Jim Patisson we saw a SPECT-CT machine, and were told a bit about the gamma camera and how it works to produce an image. Our group also saw the 3D image that is produced after the scan.
PET image
Dual-modality Comparison
Thank You for Watching!!!!
We hope you enjoyed our prezi and are now ready for our in-class activity! :)

- Emily, Inisha, Ritika & Simone
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