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Life During the Great Depression

No description

Sawyer Sims

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Life During the Great Depression

Life During the Great Depression
Bankers during the Great Depression ?
1.) What was a banker's life like before the Depression? During the Roaring Twenties before the derpession bankers were very selfish. They would use the money of their customers to buy on margin in the Stock Exchange. This allowed them tomake a great deal of money with no cost to them.
2.) How did the stock market crash change bankers' lives? Bankers after the crash were put under lots of stress. If tthey didint lose their jobs their salaries were cut hugely. Many banks closed from bank runs during the 1930's. If the bankers survieved the 1930's then they had a struggle to get the money that the people wanted back.
3.)What was the bankers experience during the Great Depression? Bankers had an experience of untrust during the Great Depression. Since manu banks had used their investors money to buy stock and speculate on the Stock Market and could not pay the money back the poeple of America did not trust them.
Famous Quote: "It seems as if the America Stock Market has reached a high plateau and will not fall."
Farming During the Great Depression?
1.) What was the Farmer's experience during the Great Depression? The experience of farmers during the great depression was not good. Before the Great Depression, farmers were doung well until other nations got back on their feet and stopped relying on them for food. Many farmers to start working on and off in differnt areas. They also moved to places like California taking their families with them.
2.) How were the crops affected? Crops were affected for many reasons. One reason was the Dust Bowl. The Dust Bowl made it impossible to farm the land in the Midwest which greatly affected the rest of the country.
3.) How did the weather contribute to the Farmers struggle? The weather contributed to the farmer's struggle in a few ways. The first was a long drought which brought on dust bowl. The Dust Bowl brought with huge storms of soil that laid a blanket of dirt on every thing.
Famous Quote: " Even the Crops we grow here are about as valuable as the dirt on everything back home."
1.) What was FDR's New Deal? The New Deal was the set of federal programs launche by president Franklin D. Roosevelt after taking office in 1933, in response to the calamity of the Great Depression
2.)How did it ease the difficulty of the Great Depression, or did it? The new Deal touched every state, city, and town, improving the lives of ordinary people and reshaping the public sphere. New dealers and the men and women who worked on New Deal programs believed they were not only serving their families and communities but building the foundations.
3.) How long did it take for it to be effective? In less than a decade, the New Deal Changed the face of America and laid the foundation for success in WW1 and the prosperity.
"The only thing we have to fear is fear it self."

Migration During Great Depression!
1.) What was the experience of refugees from the Dust Bowl? Many headder for California. They also p;acked their stuff up and went to other areas for jobs.
2.)WHere did they go? California and More Eastward.
3.) How did they get there? THey traveled on carriage and waled most their journey while some being on horse.
1.) What was life like in Europe during the Depression? Stock Markets crashed. Every nation in Europe was affected.
2.)Was it similar to the life in the U.S.?Yes, Economically it was also in very bad shape.
3.)Were any plans put in plac to get Europe out of Great Depression? Yes, the 5 year plan put in place brought hardship on the soviet union.
CIty's During the Great Depression
1.) What was life like in the cities before Depression? Cities were booming and people loved to go out and dance.
2.)Where did the homeless live? Hoovervilles
3.)What did they do for food? They went to soup kitchens and worked for food.
4.) Were they greeted kindly in the places they went to ? NO they were treated harshly and forced to live in shanty towns with the other home less.
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