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temperate forests

biome for school

rayna wolff

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of temperate forests

The Awesome Temperate Forest Vacation Here!!! What will you see? What can you do? England Germany Animals in Germany Temperate Forest Animals in France Temperate Forest Animals in England Temperate Forest Clothing!!! Come!!!! Why should you come? very important
layers because the temperature can change throughout the day
a good pair of sneakers because the ground may be uneven
warm clothes (also depends on season)
sleeping bag and blankets (if camping) When you come here you will see a beautiful forest that has many animals who are only found here. Wolves, foxes and bears roam the forest without being trapped or hunted. Germany What's the weather like? Visit the temperate forests, you won't regret it!!! France Fall Fall is the high season to go to the temperate forests, here you can clearly see why people want to come here In the fall it is beginning to get a little cold, animals plan ahead for the winter ahead It is the time of year for harvesting Winter In winter trees go through a time of dormancy to adapt to cold weather. They also have thick bark to protect them. There is lots of snow in the temperate rainforests It can be hazardous to visitors because it can hide not fully frozen over ponds Spring Summer In fall the trees are red, orange, yellow and pink and look beautiful. Plants Summer has beautiful sunshine which will mean you can see more animals Yearly averages the average yearly temperature of temperate forests are -30 degrees C to 30 degrees C. The average yearly precipitation is 750 to 1,500 mm of rain While you are the beautiful country of
Germany you will not want to miss the amazing activities this country has to offer. One of the many activities you can do is go for a scenic drive, and have the opportunity to see the beautiful forest. Springtime is like new beginnings because plants start growing and the snow melts England This is and amazing place to go, and if you are feeling adventurous here are some things that will make your adrenaline rush. If you feel like visiting the forest isn't enough then why don't you go camping in the forest, and take in all its beauty from the inside. brings sun and rain brings rain and sun brings snow and cold tempratures The temperature ranges from high 86 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer to -22 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. What should you bring when you come? different places and what to expect from them France England Eastern America Germany You'll love the temperate forests!!! France is an amazing place to visit during the autumn months. In the fall France is the perfect place to see the temperate forests. In the north it is cool and refreshing and it is warm in the south. September days are warm and are perfect weather for visitors. You won't want to miss the forests beauty! October in France is the start of grape harvest so there are good wines and the weather is full of blue skies and perfect temperatures. England has “indian summers” in the months of September and October, the best months to visit temperate forests. Even though the weather can be unpredictable in England lonely planet travel guide says that September is the best month to travel here. Germany is great to visit during fall. It has beautiful temperate forests that are perfect to see during high season, fall. In fall the summer crowds are gone so it is not as crowded but it’s the perfect time to see the temperate forests. The wine season is in. If you want to see the temperate forests in the fall Germany is a place you should greatly consider because summer is over so hotel and airfare prices are low. The trees turn a pretty yellow, orange and red. The weather is still beautiful even though it’s fall but there may be a rain or two. In September the average high is 68 degrees. It is also a good place to visit because it has many fun festivals at that time of year. Eastern America has many temperate forests. It is ideal to go here in the fall because the leaves turn beautiful colors. Fall is the prettiest time to go to Eastern America. The average temperatures are from 45-65 degrees, which is refreshing, slightly warm but not too hot and not to cold. all great places Other animals here are wolves, foxes, bears and badgers, along with smaller mammals such as squirrels and rabbits. Eastern America A rare animal here is the fallow deer, which is almost never seen. Fun animals to see in France are Raccoon Dogs, which come from Russia into France. Two trees that are unique are the silver birch and English Oak. The silver birch changes over time. The English Oak is a food source to very many small mammals. Other common animals are badgers.There are also squirrels, though they are considered a pest since the damage trees. The forest is home to five species of deer. If your craving the outdoors this is the perfect place!!! Other common animals are the red squirrels, weasels and rabbits. Animals in Eastern America One animal here is the american porcupine, which is a tree climber. It's feet have pads to help it climb. Some more are the wild boar, the white-tailed deer and bears. In eastern America most of the trees are broad-leafed. There is the maple, the walnut and the birch trees, which are all common. Some trees are used for medicine. There are so many colors in the forest that you will stand in awe. There are loads of things for you to do in France. If you like playing spot the difference then you are going to love spot that animal. The temperate forest lots of animals for you to spot, and you could even make it a competition between you and your friends. Quick topography and landmarks The temperate forest is sometimes flat but has a mostly hilly terrain. Some landmarks that have the temperate forest is the Eiffel Tower, If you don't feel like sitting around all day
during your vacation then this is the perfect thing for you.
The temperate forest has lots of tree's, and one of the things you can do with this advantage is go tree climbing. In this type of forest some trees that have low branches and this of course is good when tree climbing. hope you visit!
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