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Vodun (Voodoo)

No description

Payton P

on 6 November 2015

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Transcript of Vodun (Voodoo)

A religion of many traditions
Christianity has influenced it
Vodun has ceremonies where sacrifices/consumption of flesh and blood is important
They, along with Christianity, believe in one supreme being and believe that evil spirits exist
Believe in reincarnation
Vodun followers believe that Bondye is the chief deity/supreme being
Major gods Loa Rada and Loa Petro
Many minor spirits
Reincarnation is also a popular belief among Vodun followers
Either way life is continous
Date and Hearth of Voodoo
The religion of Vodun (more commonly known as Voodoo) is believed to have originated 15,000 B.C
The hearth is believed to be in the West Indies but many of its core belifs originated from tribes in West Africa
Vodun (Voodoo)
By Tatiana Lamont and Payton Prokes
4th Period
Has diffused to Benin, the Dominican Republic, Ghana, Haiti, and Togo
Arrived in Haiti 1500 AD
Has also spread to different areas of the United States
Usually found where Haitians have settled
Where Is It Today?
Number of Followers and Religious Rank
Worldwide vodun has over 50 million followers.
Their religion is ranked #8 in religious books.
Holy Book? Founder?
Vodun has no holy book and has no founder. Africans mixed their indigenous religion with the colonist's Christianity and Catholisism to create vodun.
What Kind of Religion
is Vodun?
Vodun is a animist and ethnic religion
Also polythesistic, since they believe in many spirits
Beliefs in a God and After Life
Major Beliefs
Interpretation of evil spirits
Fun Fact
The religion of Vodun was named an official national religion in Benin in 1996. In 2003 the Pope recognized it as its own religion.
Sects? Branches? Divisions?
Cultural Landscape
There are schools and some churches of Vodun that teach rituals and worship the beliefs of Vodun.
There are no actual names for these schools or churches
They vary from country to country.
Vodun Dances
Vodun Church
While Vodun is a religion practiced mostly at home, there are some churches. This church is found in Benin.
Oshun, goddess of beauty
Xango, god of fire, thunder, and lightning
This is a vever, or a symbol that is sually sketched into the ground when seeking the aid of a Loa.
Loa Petro vever
Vodun shrine
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