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MVC Mentoring Program

No description

Floricel Castaneda

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of MVC Mentoring Program

Training MVC Mentoring Program Let's take a look! What are your Mentoring Goals? Perseverance Personal Academics C-A-R-E about the student! What are they thinking? Concerns What are they feeling? Aches Where could they get
practical support? Resources They are not alone Emotional
Support There is hope They are normal H-E-L-P the Student It is about THEM! Hear Them They are not alone. Experiences
Shared Actively listening says
you really care! Listen More Give support Proper
Boundaries Be a resource Encourage them If they are stable,
they are able! They need to be stable to be able! Purpose: To increase the success
and retention of college students
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