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THE Holocaust Death March

No description

Gilmar Abarca

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of THE Holocaust Death March

The Holocaust Death March
Why was there a death march in the holocaust
How far and long was the death march and Quote
What was the death march
The holocaust march was 35 miles from Auschwitz.
During WW2 millions of Jews died in the nazi concentration camps. The Jews of Europe were being sent to the camps and then killed and forced to work for the nazis.
Gilmar Abarca, Jason Rendon, Erik Gutierrez, Eduardo Regino, Matthew Cortez
The Holocaust Death March refers to the forcible movement of prisoner in Nazi Germany.
Most concentration Camps were destroyed with no evidence left behind so nobody can know what they were doing.
Thousands of prisoners died due to illness, trampled, shot, and just couldn't go anymore.
SS authorities did not want the prisoners to fall into enemy hands alive to tell their stories to allied and soviet liberators.
SS thought they needed prisoners to maintain production of armament whenever possible.
Evacuation began when allied forces began to get closer.
"If you couldn't walk you were shot, if you fell down you were shot. You either dropped dead or you were shot".
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