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No description

Gigi Cheng

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of FYP

Communications Company Background Our Team What about our host? What we have learnt? How should you prepare yourself for working in this field? Completed a social media project for a leading seafood restaurant
Researched current marketing trends of the professional services industry
Generated creative marketing ideas for the professional services industry Improve communication skills
Be a good team player
Be more proactive
Be more organized
Able to work under pressure
You should...
be hungry to learn
have excellent communication skills
be creative
take the initiative
be able to multitask Covatta Communications is a global marketing and communications consultancy in Hong Kong. Founded in 2002, Covatta has been collaborating with clients from various industries to achieve goals and offers holistic services including business plan consultancy, brand-building, marketing and public relations. Creative
Executive Client Service
Executive Communications
Executive Social Media
Executive Copywriter Gigi Cheng Leo Chan Joey Leong Joey Fan Dorothy Poon The role of Client Service Executive is to ensure the services we are providing is satisfying the needs and expectations of the clients. She has to work closely with the clients to follow up any amendments requested by the clients regarding our projects. The role of Communications Executive is to facilitate communications within the team and also with Covatta Communications, our host. It is his work to ensure smooth and accurate information exchange within the circle. The role of Creative Executive is to create appealing marketing materials like posters, brochures and leaflets. She also has to realize the copy of advertisement from merely text to visual production. The role of Copywriter is to prepare contents of marketing materials for our clients, for instance, copies of advertisement and press releases. The materials should be written in an interesting yet professional way. The role of Social Media Specialist is to utilize the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Weibo to create the brand consciousness and enhance popularity for our clients. She has to maintain an excellent two-way communication between the audience and the clients to achieve the expected outcomes. Our Tasks Events
Management Marketing
Projects Ad-hoc
Assignments Career
Preparation Organized 3 cocktail parties for a law firm, investigative firm and trust company respectively
Organized 1 antique appreciation seminar for a trust company Obtained contacts and editorial calendars from publishers Prepared mock interviews with our host which helped us prepare for our future careers A LOT! She is...
a GREAT MENTOR! The Most Important Thing!
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