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Energizing U!

No description

Rebecca Houske

on 9 November 2013

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Transcript of Energizing U!

Energizing U! #ATCCHAEnergy
A word from Kid President...
Who are we?
Be the Best YOU!
Passion and Motivation in and out of the workplace
Happiness Experiment
Grab a pen a paper and follow what the man in the lab coat says...
Now it's up to you..
How can you take this back to your community?
Shahbaz @umn_sk
Becca @misshousekey
Kristina @kristinaschrdr
daughter, granddaughter, sister, girlfriend, aunt, resilient, confident, loving, silly, scholar.
Write your biography in 10 words or less...
Do What You Love
Don't Let Society Tell You Otherwise
Aspire To Be Greater!
How did that feel?
CHALLENGE BY CHOICE: We challenge you to call the person you chose. Let us know #ATCCHAEnergy
What are some take aways from this 'experiment'?
Give Credit Where Credit is Due
motivated, passionate, dedicated, inspired, funny, kind, hopeful, happy, adaptive, intelligent.
friend, learner, positive, listener, musical, traveler, honest, driven, loyal, communicator.
What can you do to help those around you be their best self?
What Energizes U?
Feeding Your Happiness
If happiness were a pet, and you were writing a manual for the Care and Feeding of Your Success, what advice would you give?

Write 2-3 things and share with the people next to you!
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