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Best Practices to Los Angeles County Healthcare Resources

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on 25 September 2016

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Transcript of Best Practices to Los Angeles County Healthcare Resources

Sleuthing Journal on Current Health Promotion
Saban Community Clinic
Best Practices to Los Angeles County Healthcare Resources
Proactive Health Information
Joyce V. Peralta, MSN, ACNP-BC
LA County Health Education/Promotion
LA County Local Public Health Services
Exploring the LA County Community Health Promotion Resources

LA County School-Aged Vaccination Rates 2015-2016
Healthcare Access
Local Public Health Services
Vaccination Rates
Disaster Planning
Health Education/Promotionh
Sylvia lead receptionist
8045 Beverly Blvd, LA 90048
6043 Hollywood Blvd, LA 90028

Services Offered
Health care services
Dental care
Behavioral health
Community outreach
Free Shower Program for the homeless

Available Appt
Possible to have same day appt
Appt time frame 1-2 weeks
Counselor to help with insurance application
2051 Marengo St. LA 90003
General Information & Appointment 323-409-1000
ER 24/7
Clinic and urgent care 8am-8pm
Services Offered
Family Medicine
Cardiac Surgery
General Surgery
Vascular Surgery
Free child care for patients

Shirley senior receptionist at Adult Primary Care Center
Medi-CAL, Medicare, LA Care, Health Net
Ask for Social Worker, Marina to help get Medi-CAL app started for the next 30 day insurance coverage until you get approved for LA care or Healthnet
If urgent go to the ED
LAC+USC Medical Center

MLK, Jr. Multi-CenterAmbulatory Care
12021 S. Wilmington Ave., LA 90059
(310) 668-4321 general information
(310) 668- 5011 appointment line
MediCAL and Medicare
Call Marina

for an appt offering services for dental, adult, pediatriac, and womens health Monday thru Friday 8am-5pm
Hubert H. Humphrey Comprehensive Health Center
(323) 846-4312
MediCAL and Medicare
Call Sonia
pending Medi-CAL patients can go to urgent care center, bring a copy of your Medi-CAL forms
Everyday 8am -11pm
Once Medi-CAL approved new primary care appt in 3-4 weeks
Dental, adult, pediatric, womens health, and psych
Ruth Temple Public Health Center
3834 S. Western Ave., LA 90062
(323) 730-3507
Free STD testing/treatment
Monday Thru Wednesd 9:30-12:30 & Friday noon thru 3:30
Call Felicia

for an appt, if family care if needed referral to the To Help Everyone (THE) Wellness Center available
To Help Everyone (THE) Health and Wellness Center
3834 S. Western Ave., LA 90062
(323) 730-1920
Does not accept MediCAL pending, only LA Care, Healthnet, Blue Cross, CareFirst, Molina
Monday Thru Friday 7am-7pm, Friday 7am -5pm, and Saturday 9am- noon
Call Blanca

to schedule an appt for womens health, primary care, pediatric, dental, and counseling services
H. Claude Hudson Comprehensive Health Center
2829 South Grand Ave
(213) 744-3677
MediCAL and Medicare
Call Carol
to schedule an appt for womens health, pediatric, dental, eye, and primary care
Monday thru Friday 8am-5pm
Upcoming Public Health Care Services and Promotion Events
Homeless Healthcare Clinic at Skidrow
Primary Care
Substance Abuse Call and meet Coach Ron to learn about
Womens Health weekely health care screenings, feed the
Youth Services homeless & kid activities at Glady's Park

LA County Free Immunization Clinics
Hollywood/Wilshire Public Health Center
5205 Melrose Avenue, LA 90038
Immunization, TB testing/treatment, and STD testing/treatment
(323) 769-7800
Central Health Public Center
214 N. Figueroa Streeet, LA 90012
(213) 240-8204
Free immunization, STD testing/treatment, and TB testing/treatment
Martin Luther King, Jr. Public Health Center
11833 South Wilmington Avenue, LA 90059
Free immunization, STD testing/treatment, and TB testing
$15 registration fee must be paid at the time of visit
Clinics Offering Assistance to Qualify for the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Porgram for free vaccination
Los Angeles AltaMed Health Services - Boyle Heights 3945 E. Whittier Blvd. 90023 (323) 265-1998
Los Angeles Angeles Comprehensive Community Clinic Inc. - 3920 Eagle Rock Blvd. 90065 (323) 255-5225
Los Angeles Arroyo Vista Family Health Center - El Sereno 4815 Valley Blvd., Unit C&D 90032 (323) 222-1134
Los Angeles Arroyo Vista Family Health Center - 4837 Huntington Drive North, Suite #1 90032 (323) 225-0024
Los Angeles Arroyo Vista Family Health Center - Highland Park 6000 N. Figueroa Street 90042 (323) 254-5291
Los Angeles Asian Pacific Health Care Venture1 - 530 Hillhurst Avenue, Suite 200 90027 (323) 644-3888

Vaccatination Rates for Children Entering LA County Schools

Safest (95-100% of students fully vaccinated)
Moderately Vulnerable (90-94.9% of students fully vaccinated)
More Vulnerable(80-89.9% of students fully vaccinated)
Most Vulnerable (less than 80.0% of students fully vaccinated) RED
Delinquent (Failed to report in in 2015-16

Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County. (2016). http://ccalac/rog
Community health improvement plan for Los Angeles county 2015-2020. (2015). Retrieved from publichealth.lacounty.gov/plan/docs/CHA_CHIPforLACounty20152020.pdf
County of Los Angeles emergency survival guide . (2016). Retrieved from http://lacoa.org/pdf/emergencysurvival-lowres.pdf
How well-vaccinated is your child’s kindergarten? (2016). Retrieved from http://www.shotsforschool.org/k-12/how-doing/
JWCH Institute, Inc. (n.d.). jwchinstitute.org
JWCH Institute Inc. (n.d.). jwchinstitute.org/primary-medical-care/cch-downtown
List of immunization clinics by city. (2016). Retrieved from http://publichealth.lacounty.gov/ip/
Los Angeles County Department of Health Services-LAC+USC Home. (n.d.). dhs.lacounty.gov/wps/portal/dhs/lacusc
Los Angeles county disaster preparedness resource guide. (2012). Retrieved from file.lacounty.gov/dhs.cms1_206966.pdf
Los Angeles immunization program provider referral list. Retrieved from 2016
Saban Community Clinic: Los Angeles Clinic . (2016). www.sabancommunityclinic.org
Vaccination coverage articles and reports. (2016). Retrieved from www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm6433a2.htm
In LA County you can dial 2-1-1
www.211LACounty.org for information and referrals for assistance such as food, water and shelter and after disaster
County’s Emergency Survival Program (ESP) at www.espfocus.org or call (323) 980-2260
LA County Emergency Preparedness Program (EPRP) http://publichealth.lacounty.gov/eprp/
Los Angeles County Department of Public Health
Health Facilities Inspection Division: (800) 228-1019 / (323) 869-8500
Emergency Preparedness and Response Program 24/7: (213) 989-7140
Biological Incident Reporting to Acute Communicable Disease Control: (213) 240-794
Los Angeles County Department of Health Services Emergency Medical Services Agency
24/7 Medical Alert Center (MAC): (866) 940-4401
Indivdual/Family Emergency Preparedness Guide
There is no designated disaster shelter until activation
Create your emergency home, work, and school plan
Food and water supply for 3-10 days

September 24, 2016
National Vaccination Rates for Chldren Entering School
Median vaccination rate 94%, MMR
94.2% DTaP
93.6% Varicella
95% vaccination rate for majority of schools in LA county,within 25 mile raidius of zipcode 90059
Call the LA County Emergency
Service Agency & Red Cross
Call Jennifer from the Office of Communications & Public Affairs
Call to find more information
Call to find out more information
Drive around LA county

Improve health
Create healthy community
Achieve equity & stability
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