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A mind-map prepared for "Out There", Tue 20th July...

Bex Lewis

on 20 July 2010

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Transcript of Twitter

Twitter: Why? FREE: "Microblogging"
140 Characters (based on SMS) known as “Tweets”
Displayed on author’s profile page
Read by subscribers (known as “Followers”)
Different from Facebook
More interest/thematic based
Not time/geographically dependent
Not as “personal” ‘I had toast’ does not cut it! What is Twitter? http://bit.ly/buZ0mM, September 2009 Relationships Pre-face-to-face Shared interests
New connections Build "your brand" Develop post
face-to-face Information Opinions Thoughts Recommendations Questions News http://www.twitter.com http://mashable.com/guidebook/twitter/ User names... @drbexl

@SkillsNetWinch http://kanevian.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/cartoon-find_niche.jpg http://twitter.com/digitalfprint http://twitter.com/drbexl http://twitter.com/bigbible Photo or Logo Consistent across platforms Essentials Settings/Profile

# Bio Life Explorer, esp. academia/learning, life-coach, Christianity, wartime propaganda, history, cultural studies, online world, @digitalfprint, @sfdo, @ww2poster Location Link to website or blog New York Times
BBC Inside Out
Social Media contracts
Work in Durham Stephen Fry: "It's
Twitter, not erudite
thoughts" http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/digitalrevolution/2009/10/rushes-sequences-stephen-fry.shtml EXERCISE:
Create a #bio Tweeting... Genuine Making connections Listen Real Friendly Selling? Only 5% Link: Other social media Repeat sparingly Enjoy It NOT broadcasting Follower Strategies
Example: @bigbible User Name
& Photo Name, Location, URL & Bio People I follow Lists Followers/Followees Latest Tweet Retweet FEW RULES, LOTS
of ETIQUETTE http://applicant.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/tweetcurrency1.jpg People you know already
Those they follow
Those who follow them
Their lists Targeted Searches
including Hashtags, e.g.
#jesus Retweets:
"RT" tweets by others
Thank others for their RTs Reply:
Answers to questions
Genuine responses http://wthashtag.com/Bible http://www.twellow.com/search?q=bible&search_cat= http://mashable.com/twitterlists/ The @username:
Others can see who you're interacting with or RT'ing
The tweet will appear in the users @stream Well-known: #followfriday
Invent a Hashtag
Keep it short
Worth checking it’s not in use
For an event, agree beforehand. http://klout.com/drbexl http://klout.com/digitalfprint DON'T!!!! http://www.socialmediatoday.com/SMC/103334 http://www.google.com/alerts Strategy What do you want to achieve from Twitter?
How often will you tweet?
Will you use one or multiple accounts?
If tweeting as a brand who will be your 'face'?
Have you access to a smartphone?
What will be your "keywords"/hashtags? http://econsultancy.com/blog/6090-case-study-dell-s-evolution-on-twitter Make yourself INTERESTING to readers
Justify their investment of TIME
Give them a reason to ‘follow’/’continue following’
Sneak Peaks
Fun/Humour (balance serious/casual)
What’s new? The 20 Minute per day Twitter Workout

1. Send out 3 social chit chat messages as you go about your day
2. Share 3 things that you have found that you want to share with others
3. Retweet 3 messages from others, that you wanted to share with others
4. Send out 2 messages that demonstrate your expertise or knowledge
5. Spend time replying to anyone that messages you
6. Spend time answering any questions around your area of expertise
7. Spend some time recommending other peeps to follow
8. Answer any direct messages that are not spam
9. Invite a daily question on your area of expertise or knowledge
10. Find several new peeps to follow each day based on your criteria
11. Spend time in the Search, listen & then engage when you can add value @markshaw Going Mobile? http://bit.ly/9xsjl3 Third Party Apps http://useqwitter.com/ http://www.custombackgroundsfortwitter.com/ http://www.polleverywhere.com/twitter-powerpoint-slides http://www.twitpic.com/ http://bit.ly/ http://www.twitterfall.com/ http://friendorfollow.com/ http://apps.facebook.com/selectivetwitter http://topsy.com/ http://hootsuite.com/dashboard# http://listorious.com Thanks!
More questions?

Tweet me @drbexl
but 'digital fast' til Friday!
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