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Teen Summer Reading Club 2011

No description

Kelly Jensen

on 12 May 2011

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Transcript of Teen Summer Reading Club 2011

Aram Public Library Teen Summer Reading Club Plenty! What's in it for me? Books ~ Events ~ Prizes What do I have to do? Have fun -- it's really that simple. Read whatever you want to read. books. magazines. newspapers. audiobooks. 5 hours of reading = $1 in prize money and an entry into the grand prize drawing yes, the articles you read on espn.com totally count as reading. What if I read more than 5 hours this summer? Bravo! More reading time = more prizes. *every* 5 hours of reading = $1 in prize money and an entry into the grand prize drawing.

After 10 hours, you also get some of these: After 25 hours, you get one of these: After 40 hours, you also get to pick one of these: What do I do with prize money? I can't use it to buy real things. A sure bet @ the customs shop take a gamble on weekly (bigger) prizes be a real risk taker and try your luck on the Grand Prize Can't read that much? Try our Teen Passport to Summer Playing games Being outside Making something creative Writing a book review Want to do more? Try our Teen Passport to Summer Attending events "Liking" us on Facebook in short:
there are 1344 hours of summer reading club. if you spend 2% of that reading, you can win a lot of cool stuff. remember: reading the sports report online totally counts. So...what else? Events! every thursday from 3:00 - 4:30. except the one on wednesday, june 22. June 16: Book club
"Same Difference"
by Siobhan Vivian You can get a copy of this one to keep. Then you can get it signed by the author...Just sign up in advance. For FREE. For free while supplies last Wednesday, June 22
Siobhan Vivian Writing Workshop June 23: Ice cream creations June 30: Book Club
"Hold Me Closer, Necromancer" by Lish McBride July 7: Tie Dye and Bomb Pops July 14: Book Club
"White Cat" by Holly Black July 21:
Death by Chocolate July 28: Book Club
"Imaginary Girls"
by Nova Ren Suma August 4: Lego Mania you can hate the book. just explain why. A postcard A playlist speaking of that... gift cards signed books (that is, a free book.) some of these books aren't even out yet. you'll be reading them before anyone else. Teen Summer Reading Club There are tons to choose from. TONS. Park passes, free ice cream coupons, free pizza coupons, etc. you will max out at 50 hours if you read more than 50 hours in 8 weeks, you are a rockstar and i want to talk to you. I can probably give you more free books if you read that much. is there more? of course! the books... there are these, too... audiobooks
playaways magazines
computers movies
manga Read or contribute to our blog
aramyouth.blogspot.com "Like Us" on Facebook
tinyurl.com/aplteens Cost to you to use our library and be involved in summer reading club?: $0 Fiction Getting real Out-of-this-world tales book lists! we've got your flavor.
in print and online.
you can keep the print ones, too. ...and even more fiction! cool flashdrives
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