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Colonization and Urbanization in Algeria

No description

Ragi Lad

on 11 December 2015

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Transcript of Colonization and Urbanization in Algeria

Major urban areas tend to be near bodies of water
Major urban areas tend to group together
The U.S. vs Algeria Urbanization
Colonialism and Urbanization in Algeria
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Culture & Lifestyles
Effects of Colonization
Before Colonization
During Colonization
France took control over Algeria in 1830.
French settlement caused the European population in Algeria to grow to over 350,000 by the 1880s
Turkish settlements started to show up by the 17th century.
In 1827, Charles X ordered a naval blockade towards France.
History (cont.)
After Colonization
Algeria had gained their freedom in 1936 by defeating the French government.
Nationalism became an immediate demand after the war had ended.
- Spoke turkish before France invaded
- now 27% speaks Berber and 72% speaks Arabic
- French is the Lingua Franca

U.S. has a higher population than Algeria
Major urban areas in Algeria is grouped towards the top of the country.
Problems with Algerian
Shortages in housing despite government construction efforts
Over population
Space for buildings cannot be changed
Unsanitary conditions
~ Muslim country before France invaded
~ Islam and Roman Catholicism

Family Structure

* Household generally consisted of extended family consisting of grandparents, their married sons and families, unmarried sons, and daughters if unmarried or if divorced or widowed with their children.
* Oldest male in the household made all the important decisions.

-Hate the French even though they are attemting to be friendly
-High tensions between the Algerians and French
-Less trade because of colonization from Algerians
-Population protests against the French
-Algerians are highly against French politics.(politics affected)
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