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DaEun Lee

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Latitude

5 Themes of Ancient Athens

- Athens is located in 38N, 24E
-The Definition: the particular place or position.
-absolute location-
- Athens is located in Greece, the European Continent.
- Athens is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and near Black sea.
-Pindous mt. is the largest mt. range in Greece.
-relative location-
The definition:

1) people move around to find better place.
2)How people communicate with other people.
Movement in ancient Greece
-a stamp with a ship drawn-
This stamp shows a war ship with big eye on the front of the ship and a big flag.
From this we can know that alot of Ancient Greek took ship and also used war ship for fight and movement.
This is the ancient Greek temple, Parthenon. It was dedicated to goddess Athena who was followed by the people of Athens.

From this picture we can figure out that Ancient Greek followed and respect their gods.

Human and environment
The definition:

- How people depend on environment.
- How people's life related to environment.
The definition:

- Area that share some characteristic with other area.
Like roadway, language and architecture.
-Greek language-
U for your attention!!
Physical Feature
This shows Greek language. It looks almost similar to Alphabet. It also looks very old language.

From this we know that Greek language was used about 2750 years and also developed by Canaanite alphabet.

-Human feature-
This is a vase that shows what Greek ate. We can see people crushing olive.

From this we can understand that Greek used crushed olive for their meal, and also the olive was used as lightning. so olive was very importent.
Human and Environment
This picture shows us farm. Some parts are flat but there are a lot of terraced parts too.

From this, we can assume that in Greece there were a lot of mountains, and people had to use terraced farms.
-The Farm-
A vase
The definition:

- a particular position or area; a location

- There are 2 kinds of Place,
Human feature and Physical feature.
Mediterranean Sea
Black Sea
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