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Tools for a Comprehensive Percussion Curriculum

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Patrick Roulet

on 17 February 2017

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Transcript of Tools for a Comprehensive Percussion Curriculum

Tools for a Comprehensive Concert Percussion

Dr. Patrick Roulet
To learn concepts and techniques that can be adapted to a variety of instruments and playing situations.

To create an opportunity for the percussionist to work and learn independently.
The percussionist should be able to play with skill and imagination in order to express the passion, excitement, sorrow, or beauty of the music.
1. A thorough percussion curriculum should emphasize methods and materials that teach skills and inspire imagination.
2. A sequential course of study should introduce students to fundamental musical and technical concepts in a logical order.

Goals of a Comprehensive Concert Percussion Curriculum
Tone production, musical expression, and technique
Sight-reading, time keeping, and basic rhythmic skills
Two-and-four mallet techniques
Chromatic, major, and minor scales and arpeggios
Ideo-kinetics and muscle memory of the mallet keyboard
Sight-reading skills
Musical expression and phrasing

Ear training, aural skills and interval recognition
Timpani techniques: legato and staccato strokes, dampening, rolls
Multiple Percussion
Percussion Accessories
Accessory percussion techniques
Multiple percussion skills using various percussion instruments and mallets
Snare Drum
Church Hymns for Marimba
Christmas Carols for Marimba

National Conference on Percussion Pedagogy Equipment and Facilities Standards
Minimum door width 4 ft.
Door thresholds! Lift!
Locked storage/security
Student lockers
Mirrors in practice spaces

1. Student experiences: a diversity
of experiences is recommended
2. Selecting the percussionist
3. Auditions
4. Section Leader
5. Part assignments
6. Responsibilities of percussionists
7. Responsibilities of directors

1. Instrument Inventory
2. Sticks, mallets, and accessories
a. Suggested minimums for students
b. School supplied mallets, and accessories
3. Repair and maintenance
Method Books
Solo Collections
Technique and tone
Rhythm skills and timekeeping
Sight reading - rhythmic and melodic
Musical expression
Aural skills
Towson University
New England Music Camp
New England Percussion Institute
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