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Mohapatra,R- Endangered Species

No description

Ronuk Mohapatra

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Mohapatra,R- Endangered Species

Cause of Endangerment * decline in prey

* loss of habitat (most important reason)

* poaching

* high mortality of cheetah cubs Habitat * found in the jungles of northern India

* found in the savanna of northern India

* found in the partially open grasslands of East Africa

* about 200 cheetahs are also located in Iran Scientific Name
Common Name Scientific Name: Acinonyx Jubatus
Common Name: Cheetah Description * tan in color with black spots all over

* grow up to 30 inches to the shoulder

* weigh up to 77 to 143 pounds Fascinating Facts * fastest animal in the world

*royalty in teh 16th century hunted gazelles with trained cheetahs

* other big cats are the cheetah's prey Diet /Role in Ecosystem * eats meat, is carnivore

* wild diet: Thompson's gazelles, impalas, and other medium-sized antelopes

* zoo diet: ground horse meat, and sometimes beef, rabbits, and chicks

* reduce the population of some other animals Cheetah Current conservation funds * captive breeding

* habitat preservation

* educating livestock farmers to prevent cheetahs from preying on their livestock with resorting a rifle

* sharing scientific expertise to learn more about the unique biology of the species Youtube Link
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