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BayCare TeleHealth Strategy

No description

Greg Hindahl

on 7 July 2015

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Transcript of BayCare TeleHealth Strategy


Inpatient to Inpatient
Example: From a Hospitalist to a Specialist not available in that hospital. (St. Joe Neonatologists consulting with Pediatric Cardiovasular Surgeons at UPMC with video)
Inpatient to Ambulatory
Example: From a Hospitalist to a Specialist who normally doesn't come to the Hospital (Dermatology, Rheumatology, Opthalmology)
Phase 1 complete
Phase 2 2016?
Phase 3 Offer services to hospitals outside of BayCare?
Ambulatory to Ambulatory
Primary care to Specialist
Specialist to Primary Care
Specialist to Specialist
Telemedicine Services
A regular Telemedicine Service to support a Service Line or a Particular type of patient
Currently in use at BayCare to help ED Physicians work with oncall Neurologists to decide when and if a patient should receive thrombolytic therapy if they're having an acute non-hemorrhagic stroke.
Used in BayCare Emergency rooms to determine what level of care a patient needs if they are having an acute Psychiatric condition
Sleep Studies
Could be used by BayCare to sell our highly specialized Pathology services to outside Health Systems
Virtual Visits
Chronic Disease Management / Remote Monitoring
Patient / Family
Care team can communicate with the patient and their family regarding changes in the patients health status
Home monitoring devices for BP, Pulse Ox, Weight, Blood sugars
Virtual visits
BayCare Home Health
One of the largest Home Care Agencies in the United States
(Could facilitate virtual visits between patients and Physicians)
Virtual visits to prevent unnecessary visits to Emergency Room and reduce unnecessary admissions
ED to Home
Wearable Data Capture
The Internet of Things - What do we do with all of this data?
Personal Devices
Holter / Cardiac Monitor
SmartPhones with Medical Apps
Provider Models
Mixed Model
Virtual visits shared between Virtual Visit Vendor's Physicians and BayCare's Physicians
"Internally Staffed"
Urgent Care Docs
BMG Docs
BPP Docs?
Virtual Visit Physician Locations
Virual Visit Center?
Virtual Visit Vendors
My Doc On Call
American Well
Virtual Visit Payment Models
Patient Responsible
"Free" for BayCare Team Members?
Insurance Coverage may be Available in Florida in the Future but not currently
Virtual Visit Patient Types
Established/ "Internal" Patients
New/External Patients
"Travelers" aka Snowbirds
ACO Patients
non-ACO Patients
BayCare Team Members
(At Work)
BMG Offices
BayCare Team Members or Family
(not at work)
Virtual Visit Location (VVL)?

Virtual Visit Locations
Mobile Device Anywhere
Virtual Visit Location
Types of Virtual Visits
Primary Care
Lab Interpretation
Sports Injuries
Travel advice
Behavioral Health
Grief counseling
Smoking cessation
Lactation consultation
1,400 Physicians
CVS partner
250 Physicians
Miami Children's
Local Company
500 Physicians
Based in Stuart, FL
$50 million in new funding
Partner with Walgreens, Sentara
Seen as a key component to support Population Health
Another model to support Population Health and reduce readmissions. Allow patients to stay in their homes with family. Enhanced by virtual visits.
June 10, 2015 Forbes Magazine
"Walgreens Expands Doctor Access Via Telehealth to 25 States"
Kiosk or Virtual Visit Room?
Telemedicine Services
Virtual Visits
Chronic Disease Management / Remote monitoring
Wearable devices
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