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No description

Nat Klomp

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Thesis

Limited knowledge of insect flight

Improving wing design

MUAV design Problem Definition Pixel Resolution: 50 micron (m)

Source Voltage: 60kV Surfacing

Assembly & Scaling Creating the Model Laminar
Re 2000
Unstructured Mesh CFD X-ray a viable method for geometry

CFD results show effects of corrugations Conclusion Leading edge vortices / Vortex shedding

Excellent aerodynamic performance

Low Re

Wings like sails Background MicroXCT-400 Reconstructed via XCT-400

Filtered via Vg-Studio Max Cross Sections

Spline Extrapolation Fore and Aft wings Creating the Model Vortex Recirculation in corrugations

LEV / TEV circulation Results Natalie Klomp Micro-CT based CFD Analysis of Insect Flight z3309010 Supervisors: Dr N. Tsafnat & Dr G. Doig Questions? Filtering

Paint Tool Amira Cleanup Vortex distribution over wing

CLmax at High AOA Results Future Work Transient Analysis

Flapping Wing Analysis Thank you to my supervisors:
Dr Naomi Tsafnat and Dr Graham Doig LEV / TEV circulating over wing
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